Tuesday, August 13, 2019

August is the bomb!

Some things you may enjoy watching before you head into the rest of the Blog :).

Jamaica Sermon

Jamaica Slide Show

MK Summer Slide Show

It's official... Bella is in Kindergarten and is the happiest one I've seen yet. School is back and I'm excited to get used to the new schedule of life. Creed is in middle school now and (for the time being) is quite a drive away. We are hoping that God opens up an opportunity for him to get into a school much closer to where we live but for now he is happy and we are grateful!

Serenity is getting used to her new schedule too... a few tears are being shed as she misses Bella and her brothers more than ever now that she is alone with Dad until her siblings get picked up.

What a summer! We took a grand family vacation to the Grand Canyon!!!!


The south rim of the Grand Canyon! 

That is just a taste :)... if you want to see more of our adventures click on the link!

Grand Canyon Craziness! 

Highlights were.... getting to see Great Gram in Albuquerque on the way to and from, particularly our last day with her was so special! Getting tons of time together in the car! There is no fire (our mantra to keep from rushing around). :) All the beauty was spectacular! Hearing Creed encourage Liam! Watching God transform our hearts as we dealt with chips in windshields and attacks from the enemy! Grateful to crush that old snake at every turn! A wonderful place to stay!

So thankful for the opportunity to get away and feel refreshed, having amazing devotions in the morning and feeling the Spirit bring peace throughout the day was incredible!

MK is going really well, I've been around for more than a couple weeks and it feels pretty good. We are done with our summer program now and are back to our school time hours. Leading up to Sky Ranch, I issued an Instagram challenge to post a picture of you doing your devotions every day #faithfulnessmkz. It's been so fun seeing kids jump on board and experience the fruit of meeting with God every day.

Here are some pics of some fun things we have been up to!


An afternoon of Odds and Ends with my man Philip! He shared about Messianic Christianity and then we watched Rocky :)
 This is the time of year where the college kids head off and the seniors finally leave the group. It is really sad, but a great opportunity to let people know how much they mean to you! It was so touching last night when one of the seniors gave me a note of encouragement. They let me know how much the MK group had impacted them and how grateful they were for the ministry. They said so many touching things and it left me feeling so privileged to serve in this ministry that is changing lives!

Thank you for being involved in these stories of changed lives. This generation is going to advance the kingdom in some incredible ways and I'm so blessed to be a part of that... I couldn't be a part of that if it weren't for you! Thanks for your prayers and financial support, your encouragement and your relationship! I feel spurred on and sharpened and softened by your kindness and love! You rock!

We created a beautiful sitting area in our front yard that has inspired us to become cowboys? No... but is has helped us to get outside more and enjoy some really sweet times of fellowship!
The final vision of the tree that we had to cut down. Nadia did some great work burning this amazing truth into the stump! 

Image result for matthew 26:42
I'm really enjoying thinking about faithfulness in preparation to teach at Sky Ranch. Faithfulness is about finishing, faithfulness gets back up! We are responsible to help each other remain faithful, what a privilege. But, this verse really inspires me as I consider the attitude of my great brother and hero and amazing Lord Jesus the Christ! What a thing to say... it makes me wonder what 'cups' won't be taken away unless Caleb Robbins drinks them. I want to joyfully walk out with faithfulness the road set out before me! Unless Jesus was willing there would be no salvation for us. What is waiting for your willingness in order to be accomplished? What an inspiration to think that God has given certain tasks to us. What an honor and what a responsibility and call to be faithful, to train hard, to finish well! Thank you for helping me to embrace the 'cup' that is set before me. May I have the courage to drink it and may I be one who helps you have the courage to drink yours! 

Please keep praying for Diane to be completely set free from panic and anxiety... please praise God with me for how much progress she has made. My wife is my hero in regards to faithfulness and perseverance through trial! 

I love you! 



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