Monday, September 10, 2018

Hobbitville 2018 and other tales :)...

The summer is sort of over. I'm not sure when the seasons technically change but when football starts, I consider it to be the Fall. :)

We just got back from the weekend camp that we kick off our year at MK with and it was incredible. We call it Hobbitville! I spoke on Rest this year. It was so awesome getting to share what God is doing in my life with this amazing group. We have had guest speakers all summer and it had been awhile since I was able to share with the group and I didn't realize how much I had missed it. This MK group is my favorite group to speak to! I've heard from many that they think this was the best Hobbitville yet! That is such incredible encouragement and a testament to the leaders that God has brought to this group - kids included!

The only sad part of this year is saying goodbye to the seniors and watching them go off to college. We held onto them as long as we could and now we are well-wishing them off into a bright future!

Here are some pictures from our last night with the seniors and Hobbitville :).

Praying for the seniors before they are Freshman :)

Praying for the new group of seniors! What a great year! 

The highlights from camp... 

My boys had such a great time connecting with the group. I never saw them :). Creed did the ropes course (something he has been looking forward to all year!) and Liam did one section of it. Asher, of course, just flies up and down all portions of it no problem. 

I had some very sweet moments with my girls.

Our sharing time at the end and hearing what the seniors had to share was particularly good this year. 

We kicked off the year right! God, please make it grow! We feel like a family and I think every one is excited to see what God will do in the coming year. 

Image result for god makes it grow

Some cool things that are happening this year in MK... man I'm excited!!!! 

We are focusing on training! With the foundation of right-standing with God laid out, we are going to try and understand better what training is all about and what it looks like! Reading, memorizing, and praying! 

Image result for all the runners run

We are focusing on special mentoring in the gifts. I want to see our amazing MKs sharing their gifts often in our group and I want to be intentional about creating opportunity for that. So far I have some MKs ready to give devotionals and thereby grow in their speaking gifts! 

I'm also introducing a Pop Culture segment to help the "kids"... er um ME, understand how to relate to what is going on in their world a bit better. At least I'll learn a new language :). 

Finally, we are putting an emphasis on community and dedicating a whole Monday out of the month to simply building our community up together. No lesson that night, just a time to come together and bond! 

Yes I'm very excited about what I get to do thanks to God and his calling and you and your faithful partnership with me! Your prayers and support make all this possible and I'm so incredibly grateful for you! Your relationship with this ministry keeps it thriving! 

Now onto some other stuffs.... like family pictures :). 

Diane is the goat Yoga whisperer! 

What a handsome bunch! First day of School!!! 

Spring cleaning in the Fall!!! The never ending joy!!! 

Diane is such a fun mom! Look at that amazing hair! 

I love the fact that Youversion has an app that turns ANY picture into a Bible verse :)!

We got to celebrate Dad's birthday with him yesterday! It was a great time of fellowship in the midst of some hard times for the family. We are grateful to God for how faithful and great He is. Mark (Diane's brother) has had to take a medical leave of absence from college, and Mom and Erich are helping him make his way home. Please pray for all of us in this situation! 

The Fall is exciting and fun and very full of adventure! Next week Diane and I get to get away and I'm very happy to be able to take some vacation with her and celebrate her birthday! Pictures to follow in my next Blog :)

The race goes on and I'm grateful to be able to train so as to run it well! Colorado for some training in debriefing and then an MK college retreat! Please pray for all these trips that take me far from home! Pray for my family to grow more and more in the knowledge of God, to be rooted in His love! 

I love you! 



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