Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rest through Surrender!

Our Final Malaysia Celebration! I felt so loved by this mazing Team!!!

I have been swamped with meetings since last Friday. In the midst of all of these meetings I must confess that I am losing my mind a little bit. I drove home during my very short lunch break to check on my perfectly functioning AC unit because of the recent issues and ensuing paranoia. Through all this crazy time God has been teaching and re-teaching and slowly pushing into me the truth that rest comes through surrender. So, I (as silly as it may sound) have surrendered my AC unit to God and am choosing to rest in Him and live in His peace... but it is an act of the will. It really is a 'taking every thought captive' kind of thing. At any rate, this applies to far more than just pesky AC units, but it goes to show that God cares, big or small, and is able to use all the stuff in life to show that life comes only from Him. Truth - sometimes it's harder to live in, but regardless, it's where life is and I'm fighting to live there!

Right.  Back to the meetings that have consumed my life, and will continue to until Sunday. Okay, so I'm in the process of partnering with Pioneer Bible Translators to pioneer :) a youth ministry program for them. I'm honored and excited to be able to do this, and even though the meetings are killing me slowly, I'm grateful for all the new information I'm learning and all the amazing free food they are providing. They truly do love you through food here. Now, nothing in my current job will change, I'm just adding on something new. I'm still working with the Dallas MK youth group and still loving it.   

Nathan washing Nadia's feet at our Discovery Church service!
The picture above is a great example of the servant hearted leadership that is present at Pioneer Bible Translators. I really enjoyed having Nadia at Discovery with me and I'm excited to see where God leads her next as she chases after her dream to work with MKs in full time ministry! She just joined the MK group when I started in 2007 and has been volunteering for the past forever since she graduated out.

 The beauties featured just above are my current meeting companions! I have really enjoyed getting to spend nearly all day with my wife and daughter both yesterday and today. It is such a privilege.

Creed and Asher are back in school! 4th and 2nd grade!

Life is getting slowly back to the normal routine. Kids are back in school and Football is back (I'll take pre-season). I'm looking ahead to a busy September and then life should slow down a tick... ha ha ha, like I really believe that :).


For the Dallas MK to kick of the year right at Hobbitville over Labor Day weekend. This is the first time I will have my whole family there and I'm excited they will get to be a part of it.

I am heading back to Thailand (January) and need to raise $2,500 for the trip.  Then I'm off to Guinea (April) and then to Jamaica (Summer). Please pray for financial provision, that God will call people to partner with me on these trips. Please pray for God's blessing on all of these trips, for safety and health. Pray for wisdom and humility as I try to do my role with excellence. Pray for my family as I leave, that Diane will have the support that she needs and that my kids will be healthy and obedient.


My family is healthy! God is teaching me great things and there is so much to look forward to.

I'm so grateful for you and your love and support for me! There is no way that I could do any of this without your partnership! You truly are a huge part of all that God is doing through my ministry. Thank you for your financial and spiritual support, they are both so critical to what I do! Thank you for your prayers, your relationship and your love! I am overwhelmed by your kindness!



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Diane is my beautiful wife and the mother of my precious children Creed 9, Asher 7, Liam 4, Echo already in heaven, Bella 2, and Serenity.