Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July is going to fly by

No lie :)...

Okay so we are on the cusp of heading off to Thailand for 17 glorious days free from responsibility and the trappings of parenthood... okay, maybe that is over stating it a bit :). I'm excited to say that this coming Sunday will mark 12 amazing, wonderful, exciting, adventurous years next to the bride of my youth, my best friend, my wife, (bride of my youth gave that away) and the great beauty it is my joy to continually pursue, Diane Robbins. This will be the second time we have celebrated our anniversary on a mission trip! God is so good! He's taken Diane and I to Jamaica and Thailand for our anniversaries... trips we would not have taken on our own :). And, the year that we would have been apart for our anniversary God used you to make a way for her to be by my side again! Thanks so much for your support and your love and for being such an amazing part of our adventure together!

Okay so really, we will miss our darling children... Bella will likely be walking by the time we get back, although I'm happy to report that I got to see her take a few steps yesterday, and maybe she will take a few more before we head off. These past couple of weeks have been wonderful, celebrating the birth of our country with lots of being outside and sweating while enjoying fireworks. We had the joy of going to Celebrate Freedom music festival, which ended spectacularly with Toby Mac, and then going to an Air Hogs game (minor league baseball) the next week and afterwards enjoying more fantastic fireworks. The only problems with going out and seeing things with thousands of other people is trying to get out of the parking lot afterwards. We also had the joy of watching the U.S. Women win the world cup! So good!

I also had the joy of playing in the championship game of my indoor soccer league with my cousin! It was a great day where we played the same team in the final as in the playoffs a couple hours earlier. We won both times and are now reigning champions!

Okay now for the pictures :)

From the MK Hike and Swim... but we didn't swim...

From my Wednesday small group this summer... we studied the gospel!

Just hanging out and enjoying family and friends!

One of Michal's famous games at MK on Monday night! 

Watching the Duncanville 4th of July parade! 

Having fun after the Air Hogs game

Celebrate Freedom! 

The amazing World Cup Finale! 

Please pray that God will use us to bless those we go to serve in Thailand! That our kids will be happy and a blessing to the Gebauers, and for the Gebauers as they watch our children, for traveling mercies and for safe returns. 

Thanks for being in this with us! 



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