Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April Stuffs... or if you prefer... the Stuffs of April!

I love this time of year.  The weather keeps you on your toes and that makes doing life so much more interesting! It also has killed two of my car batteries... (different cars). But, even in those frustrations God has taught me a lot about trusting in Him and resting in Him through that trust! God is good and I have the pictures to prove it :). 

Easter weekend was so wonderful! My van died on the Friday (it was still a good Friday :) before Easter and that made it a stay-at-home weekend for us. We had a great time getting up on Easter Sunday and eating a great feast that Diane prepared for us and then doing a fun family devotional where we enjoyed some old and new music that really speaks to us! It was great engaging my kids in the story and seeing their sense of wonder! The whole weekend was full of egg hunts and relaxing with friends and family.  My van has since been repaired and God used that whole experience to reinforce that He is enough and He is protecting and providing for our family. Turns out that the van had some serious issues that needed to be dealt with and the battery going out created a great opportunity to get the van in and checked out before anything disastrous happened. 

Easter Breakfast! 
The Pioneer Bible Translators Easter Spectacular! 
I have enjoyed a lot of great family time this month! Two birthdays!!! Creed turned 11 and Serenity turned 2. Amazing and wonderful children and I'm so grateful for both of them! Can't believe how the time is flying! 

I got to go dancing with Diane this month! It was so fun! We went swing dancing after a double date with some of our great friends. Sean was back for Spring break and it was great catching up with him and it's always nice seeing Jordan! I have never taken Diane dancing before but since this fabulous date she has gotten herself a pair of dance shoes... I think there is more dancing in my future! 

Sean and Jordan loving on my girls! 
April is the month for field trips! I have gone on 3 this year so far and 2 have been in April. I really enjoy getting to know my kids in their school environment and getting to meet their friends. We went to an Aquarium with Asher's class and this amazing place called Pin Stack with the Choir that Asher and Creed are in. They competed and got 1s! Then we got to play and it was so fun watching Creed conquer his fears and do the ropes course! We also got to bowl together for the first time and play Lazer Tag and air hockey and bumper cars! Great memories! 


It's really fun for me when my MK family embraces my own family! Here my kids are enjoying being at an MK event called MK's Ride the Rhino. We all go to a local coffee house and play games together. It has been great for building community in the group! I love watching my kids all playing together! 
Here is an MK hike we went on and Asher joined us! It was great! 
I love this picture. Warms my heart to see the love in this group! 

We also had some service projects this month! I get so amped for working outside, and when you get to do it with the MKs, it is amazing!

The one sad part for me about this time of year is having to start farewelling the Senior class. They are graduating soon and below you can see them at the Senior Dinner. It will be hard to say good bye! But what else is more MK than transition... sniff sniff. 

We had a great time hosting the Senior dinner at our house this year. We ate ribs and enjoyed being able to talk and relax! 
Here is a video that can cheer you up. It's a fun game we played recently at MK!

MK Game! 

God is so good and so faithful! The ministry is doing great and I can only credit God with that! We are transitioning in so many things right now and it is incredible how gentle God is during this process! One huge praise is our new budget! We had a very generous donation come in and our new budget will price match all that we can fund raise and all donations up to $4000. Many fun things are in the works and I look forward to sharing them with you as praises once they are settled!

Image result for some trust in chariots

I praise God for you! Thank you for faithfully praying for me and this ministry! Thank you for supporting me as I do the work that God has called me to do. I feel the incredible joy of doing this ministry in harmony with you and I am so grateful! 


Thailand is coming up soon and that means details need to get sorted. I need lots of grace to deal with details :). 

Lots of exciting things are coming up this summer, youth care programs, trauma healing workshops and much more... pray for God to reveal his will clearly in all these areas and that I would do them from a place of rest and not striving. 


I praise God for my amazing Family! Their health and our fun times together!

For the Gebauers return this summer!

For amazing opportunities and his faithful provision!

One thing that God is teaching me a lot about recently is living in harmony with the body! How unity and empathy are connected to living from rest as we trust one another to bring the piece (peace) that God has given us. We live united so that we don't each have to bring everything that is required. Those who gather much don't have too much and those who gather little don't have too little. Thanks for bringing the peace into my life that God has given you to bring... may we all live in and from that peace. I love you!

Image result for romans 15 1

Image result for Hebrews 13 3

Those verses have really encouraged me lately!



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