Monday, August 24, 2015

Rest! God makes it possible even in the crazy storm of life!

Look at those happy people, it's so good to have my amazing friend Bob back in the office again. Okay so maybe he's not really back full time, but after what he's been through, the fact that he and I got to catch up a little and talk in the office yesterday is an incredible miracle. I love you Bob and I miss you and I'm so glad that you are getting closer to being back! 

I love that picture, that is relationship and community! Yeah, two Supermen, getting along and hanging out in my office. The one on the left was given to me by a Senior on her last MK night before heading off to college. I love you and will miss you and am praying for you Blue Lagoon... er um, I mean, Abigail! People know what I like... it's not hard... just get me Superman stuff :). 

I love this picture! It reminds me that no matter how dead and burned the ground is where you happen to be, God can still make you beautiful and cause you to flower... among other lessons you can glean from this. The remnant! The wonderful surprise of beauty in the midst of Texas toasted grass. 

Here we are with the amazing MKs, enjoying a brief rest to enjoy the view and take a picture on our epic MK hike and swim! I love getting more time with these wonderful kids during the summer! 

Here my kids are enjoying playing out in the yard, relishing their freedom before school starts! 

As you can see in the pictures below, the first day of school was coming and finally arrived. I enjoy being able to take my kids and my cousins kid to school in the morning... although the first day is always a little crazy! 

Liam also needed a picture taken of his next day going to 'school' at the center. Looks like a good swim day was in his future :). 

Thus began the epic tale of the Robbins going to see Kelsey and Patrick begin their adventure of wedded bliss :).

Here is a neat story... our van needed 4 tires and the front AC was shot... little did I know that God had an amazing plan for all of that. On the way to church the Sunday before we left I noticed that the van was driving a little off and just felt compelled to take it into the mechanic. Well God does what God does and saved us from a blow out on the road and added in a working AC to boot. So grateful to the Lord for all of that! The van did great and I was actually a little chilly on the way back!

The wedding was beautiful and so was all the time with family before and after, but what do you expect with such a beautiful family :)! It's been so fun having Erich and Stacy and Kyle and Lisa around for some extra time after the wedding. It was a big Gebauer family reunion and has made for some busy and fun filled days. I haven't been a part of all of it due to work but I've enjoyed some special times, one of which was last Friday at Hawaiian Falls. It was a great event, planned for the MK's to cool off at the end of summer but open to family and friends. With a great deal on tickets we made it a huge affair and I loved getting to go on slides with Erich and his daughter! Erich is my brother in law, the second born of the Gebauer 10, and Lisa is the third born.

The family heads off soon and the summer fun has mostly come to a close with school and such starting up again. Last week we had a car wash on the coolest day of the summer and Hawaiian Falls on one of the warmer. God is so good the way he works in little blessings like that!

Another bit of amazing news is my wife is pregnant again! Number 5 here we go! Please pray for her during this first trimester, for safety during the pregnancy and Gods grace through any morning sickness that might come along, so far so good!

The next couple of weeks are busy as I get ready for our huge amazing and wonderful MK camp that kicks off our fall schedule. I'm speaking at the camp this year, please pray for the messages and that all goes well!

Thanks for standing with me in this adventure God has called me to. I couldn't do this without your prayers and financial support! I wouldn't want to! You all mean so much to me and I'm so grateful for you and your love and grace and friendship.

May you all be richly blessed!


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