Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Pics and little chicks...

Easter came and this amazingly adorable bunny came along with it and gave us some delicious Easter eggs. The morning broke forth with our typical Easter song "Was it a morning like this..." what a great tradition! We quickly got ready and headed to service where Mark realized the youth were madly preparing our brunch, so he joined them, like the good man he is. When service was over we enjoyed said brunch and that's when Liam reappeared with this amazing bunny hat on. He was one of maybe five kids in his age group hunting countless eggs. It was great! He got bored and started playing on the playground after a basked full was collected.

We had the privilege of having Joel and Deborah over for Easter feast, complete with roast beast. Deborah is a friend from my travels who is here going to G.I.A.L. and since she has no family here I'm enjoying making her a part of mine. Well you can tell that the feast and the egg hunting really took its toll on my company, or maybe it was the Mavs game.  

It was a great day remembering the resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

Monday was also a great day! MK went really well, although it was hard saying goodbye to a family who has been with us for quite a while now. They are getting to go back over seas and continue the adventure the Lord has them on over there. The kids also got there first look at our Sky Ranch speaker for this year. He was amazing! Thanks Pete! His message was so appropriate, covering many reasons why we believe Jesus rose from the dead.

Tuesday had a fun car adventure in it. Short story is the cars alternator died while Diane was coming back from the mid wife. She got safely to a gas station where I took over the car and made it all the way back to the last intersection before my house. On the way through the intersection the car died and coasted until I got it safely off the main road. Gods grace was evident in that the car made it that far (from gas station to my house is close to 12 miles), we safely got off the road, and Joel was with me to help push it the remaining block home. Then to top off the story with Gods mercy, the car started the next morning and got me safely to the mechanic shop. I was drawn into worship by Gods great love and kindness.

Thursday morning I had the joy of visiting my cousin Dara and seeing her new baby Theodore. Yeah it was amazing, and has gotten me even more excited about my baby coming soon.

Thursday night we celebrated our seniors by taking them out to Texas Roadhouse! That was a great time of fellowship. I'm going to miss those wonderful ladies!

Here is a picture of my little precious Asher drawing on the drive way while it is raining. This week he has been tirelessly decorating the driveway and front and back porch. What a great kid! I've been thinking about how my job has so many good byes in it and how important it is to learn to savor and enjoy the moments in life we get with people. It is too easy to live in the past or the future and neglect the present. It was so sweet to me when Asher saw the rain falling and immediately wanted to draw in all the dry spots. What a beautiful example to me of someone embracing the wonder in life and thoroughly enjoying every minute along the way. We all start out this way, I think, and then we 'grow up' and learn to be practical. Sometimes this practical nature keeps us from pure joy in coloring in all the dry spots while the rain falls around us. Don't be afraid of the lightning, embrace the moment and get lost in the wonder that God has given you as his present. 

Bless you all! Thanks for being there for me on my adventure, your support is so meaningful! I couldn't do this with out you and frankly I wouldn't want to try. You give me great joy as I think about you and how God uses your faithful prayers and support to keep me in this amazing dream job! 


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