Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cameroon... oh the memories :)

I miss the sunsets! 

I'm so excited to be going back to Cameroon... so many wonderful memories from high school! I'm so thankful that I was able to find all these pictures of my time there. I hope you enjoy them! Cameroon I'm coming back, it feels like I'm coming home, but home for me now is where my beautiful family is! 

My parents and me in Newland

Constant and me at banquet! What a stud, I miss that guy!

Playing cards in my room! Alexis, Anna, Sid (sleeping) Nate

Blowing fire on Kobesan(sp?) with Nathan! So good! 

The ladies at banquet! 

Helmut, what a cool guy! Science lab. 

We went Go-Karting in Cameroon! The Myers, great family! 
Dating Cameroon Style! We made them dinner and set it all up over the generator!

I'm noticing a theme in how I thought pictures should be taken at banquet! Love that sweat :)

The studs at banquet! Mr Mendo my best French Teacher ever!!! 

Double Dragon... before the hike up to camp on Kobesan.

Mr Chilton and his wonderful play that he wrote himself! 

We are so strong! 

Not in Cameroon, but this kid Karl shot the Eland on his 18th birthday... EPIC! Easter break in C.A.R. 

Mr. E, best Science teacher ever! I miss him and remember him fondly! 

Mr Talbert! Mentored me for 2 years! 

Jordan, Constant, me, Sid! We are so tough, don't mess with us! 

Senior trip! The beach! Great times! 

Yeah remember the sleeping guy earlier... here he is up close! Luke my room mate and Sid (now married to Anna)

Now that is Double Dragon! So good! 

The twins, Nathan and Stefan, after a wonderful camping trip. 

Joy doing the donuts thing with me! My first job :)

Mrs. Baker! 

Science Class with the best! 

Lion King! and Luke! That's the lava flow on the way to the black sand beach. 

Go-Karting on my birthday! Fun times! 

Can't wait to see Karl again! What a stud! 

Eating out on vacation! The Sasnets and the Goldings! 

Can you eat them all (7 I think) in 2 minutes? I think I did! Can't wait to get a mambo bar!

I hope you enjoyed the pics! Great memories and fun times. The pictures remind me that the memories are real! I'm so grateful to all of you for your support and prayers that have made this trip possible! 


Safe travels, that my luggage arrives with me, that I make it through the blizzard in the North East (I make a connection there). 

That God keeps me well and speaks through me, that the hearts of the students are able to receive what the Lord has for them! 

For my family while I'm away! For their health (Asher was sick yesterday, Diane has been up and down as has Mark). 

God provided a huge gift that has blessed me and left me feeling overwhelmed and incredibly loved! I was able to change my flight and now leave Friday morning giving me a few extra days with my parents! I have many things to praise the Lord for! I praise the Lord for you every time I think of you! 



p.s. Many of you have offered to be available to help my wife while I'm gone... here are the tips I have from the inside. 

1. Ask her often... she usually won't ask for help unless it's dire! 
2. The kids have different schedules so being able to pick up and drop off kids is a very practical and immensely helpful thing. Two of my kids get off of school at 12:45 and the other two at 3 and what I usually do is get the kids at 12:45 so Diane can keep working and she gets the other kids home. If you can occasionally watch the two in the middle of the day or provide a ride for them back from school that would be amazing. 
3. Thanks for your desire to help, it means so much to me! I'm unsure what other things Diane may need but I know your prayers are very powerful! Thank you!