Wednesday, September 20, 2017

September the Fall that was and then wasn't!

Sometimes you feel like a month goes by and nothing happens and other times you feel like a month goes by and it had 6 months worth of stuff in it. Well September feels like that right now. I love this time of year! Football is back, the weather is cooling off (unless you live in Texas), school is back, and MK is in full swing!

First things first... we had a great Hobbitville (our camp to kick off the year at the Dallas MK). We became family over the weekend. The worship was amazing! I enjoyed teaching and thought that the games and all the rest of the weekend went amazing! I have an incredible team and God uses us to do great work... thank you for your support of this ministry! You are being used to touch many lives.

Here is a video that a wonderful MK (Ben Huteson) put together!

Here are his Photos 

What a good looking group! We are growing! 39 kids came to camp this year and we have had to start meeting in a new location to accommodate all the new faces. God is so good!

Asher, my boy, did the entire upper ropes course!!!! Creed was awesome too and took some very brave steps out onto the course. So proud of my boys! 

I'm back into the era of concerts. I really enjoyed seeing NEEDTOBREATHE again and it was so great that my friends could share it with me. Love you Diane, Collin, Nadia, and Shannon! 

I also had the joy of taking Micah and Joanna to their first concert. We saw One Republic and it was tremendous! I'm glad my wife gets me out to do these kinds of things!

Part of my job is teaching kids about American culture... what better way for me to do that than by inviting them over to my house to watch Sunday Night Football! The Cowboys crushed the Giants and we had a great turnout for the game. We project the goodness on my garage door and I enjoy sharing the time with the kids very much! Sometimes I even get to know my neighbors as they notice the game and stop by.  

One of my favorite parts of this job is doing baptisms! It fills me with joy to be able to baptize these amazing kids and I feel so honored that they want me to. Alethea got baptized and it was beautiful! I'm so proud of you Alethea!

I have started having lunches with the kids again! It is another thing I look forward to every week. I have lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Thursday lunch I have to take my girls with me, which has been a lot of fun! The MKs love my kids and we have a great time eating together! I love this job!

My wife just had a birthday... she is older now. I love sharing life with my best friend and I'm so grateful that God has given her so many years to share with me. I look forward to many more. Diane you are a joy and I'm so grateful for you in my life. And you are just stunningly gorgeous! 

My parents are back for the next couple of months. It is so great to have them so close! I really enjoy getting to stop by and visit them from time to time! My kids are head-over-heals for them! I love having more baby sitters too :). 

My role at church has changed slightly, I'm now teaching the high school group and have had to say good bye to the middle school group for now. I enjoy getting to know the other group better and have really enjoyed our times together so far, although I do miss my old Sunday school class. 

I have to share this silly picture of my girls... they fell asleep under the table one afternoon. I came in after mowing and found them asleep under the table. I love being a dad! 


For wisdom and humility as I seek to lead the Dallas MK group this year. I have a great vision for discipleship among the students and am eager to see this be the best year we have ever had! I know that this group is dangerous to the enemy and I am eager to be a part of 1 John 3:8! 

For all the trips coming up next year and for provision for those trips. Diane and I are going to the Solomon Islands to do the youth ministry portion of a branch conference and need to buy tickets soon. The cost will be close to $4,000. I am also excited to be going to Jamaica and Thailand again! God is good and I'm grateful to be used by him to bless his faithful servants overseas. 

For me as I lead an Advanced Trauma Healing workshop next month. I really enjoy doing those! I'm getting ever closer to being a Master Facilitator! 

I praise God for you! You make all the things I do possible. Your prayers, your love, your friendship, and your financial support mean so much to me and my family and enable the ministry to go on and on. I love the way God uses you and partners you with all that is going on in my life. I never forget you in the middle of all the great stuff that God allows me to do. Camp, mission trips, baptisms, and much much more are all credited to you because this ministry belongs to all of us. Thanks for standing behind me! You bring me great joy and I love you very much! 

God is teaching me more and more about Himself. I just want to know Him! He is my one thing, my prize and my portion and I belong to Him! I pray that knowing God is also the most important thing in your life and that you know him better and better every single day! 



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Diane is my beautiful wife and the mother of my precious children Creed 10, Asher 8, Liam 5, Echo already in heaven, Bella 3, and Serenity 1 year old.