Monday, April 6, 2015

When is the right time?

I never quite know when the right time to write my next blog is... I don't want to write too often, but I don't want to write too infrequently either... then I don't know if I should write before Easter or after I get cool Easter pictures...

Or maybe I should have written this tomorrow and then I could give pictures of Creed's birthday to you all to enjoy... or maybe... well maybe now is the right time...

He is risen!!! 

I really enjoy Easter, and this was the best one I've had this whole year! It's great watching the kids run around and have fun, it's great eating ham and relaxing with the fam. It's more than great meditating on what Easter is really all about. I have grown to love a song by John Mark McMillan and I will post it here for you to enjoy as well. 

I don't know that every year something new has to impact you, but I think that all the time the gospel should be impacting all of us who believe. The transformation, the renewing of the mind, the friendship, the life, the freedom, the joy, the comforter, the man Jesus Christ, the Father who spared all of us but didn't spare his own Son. I appreciate the gospel so much more now that I have stopped settling for seeing and have begun desperately trying to genuinely understand. 

We need to set aside our willingness to just perceive truth and we need to open our arms to receive it, to put it on and let it do its work. 

What really stood out to me this year? Funny you should ask :)... its the dying, the fact that in order to be made completely new I must completely die. In death I find life, in holding onto my life I find only death. It began to make sense to me, and I began to long for it. 

He is Risen! but... he had to die to rise again... and so must we. 

I love you all so much! Thanks for being a part of my life, and thanks for partnering with me in this journey! I'm excited for all the joy that lies ahead, it's what makes enduring the death possible!  

Oh yeah! Creed you amazing little boy! You bring so much joy to our family and you amaze me with your brilliant mind. You remind me of your amazing Mother, my wife :), and I'm grateful that God gave us you to enjoy! I'm proud of you son and I'm just crazy about you! I know you have what it takes and I'm excited to be a part of your journey! Happy Birthday, it was and still is one of the best days of my life, the day that you were born, the day that I became a father, what a precious and amazing gift you are. I hope you never ever doubt or forget my love for you and I hope that you come more and more to know and live in the strength that the wild, deep, amazing, powerful, tender and incredible love of God and only His love gives you!



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