Friday, July 11, 2014

A little catching up to do :)

It has been far too long, and there isn't enough space for all the pictures I would have to add, so this post will be me trying my best to summarize the last month or so of my life. It has been really great for the most part! I will give you links to pictures instead of adding lots of them to this post.

Vacation in Maine!

Maine Vacation

It was wonderful getting to see my brother in law Erich and his beautiful family! We relaxed with great friends in the beautiful northeast for 10 days and everyday was full, but not too full, of fun events. We went to the beach and children's museum and a lot of putt-putt golf. We ate lobster! We watched the World Cup, and enjoyed being together! The weather was fantastic, and the beauty was rejuvenating. So many good memories! My brother Luke and his new bride came to visit us for a few days while we were there, which was very nice.  The 6 of us played Pictionary and Taboo late into the night (we know how to party). I started a "Go USA" chant in a restaurant during the USA vs Guinea game! Everything went off smoothly until we hit Houston on the way home. Storms delayed/canceled many flights including ours. We got home in the wee hours of the morning, but if that is the only trial you have in 10 days, I suppose you can count yourself very blessed. Oh yeah poor Asher also gashed his head open while we were playing putt putt. He's fine now though. Every boy needs a few good stories like that!

Celebrate Freedom!

Celebrate Freedom

This is one of our favorite events of the year! We go to an all-day outdoor Christian concert at Southfork Ranch (where the hit show Dallas was filmed) and enjoy good music while playing cards and running around with the kids. They have a great area set up for kids to do activities and there is also plenty of open space to throw a football or kick a soccer ball. The night ends with a fantastic fire works show, which was nice to have since the show in Duncanville was cancelled this year. The two artists we really enjoyed seeing were Michael W. Smith and David Crowder. It was nice to have Micah and Nadia join us this year!

World Cup!

At&t Stadium

Diane and I have really enjoyed the World Cup this year, and the U.S. getting out of the group of death was especially exciting for us. The metroplex has really gotten behind the U.S. and was showing their games in theaters and at Cowboys Stadium for free. The big draw for our whole family was going to the stadium! It was great getting to see the Belgium game on the big screen! We had to leave after the game to get Mark to work on time... which is good since the over time was a sad loss :(. However, the whole experience was fantastic.

Odds and Ends.

I loved getting away, but it has been really nice to get back and hang out with these amazing MKs again. We are gearing up for Jamaica at the end of this month and getting ready for our big camp over Labor Day weekend. Monday nights have been going really well! The week before I left for vacation I was helping P.B.T out with some youth ministry. It was really great getting to help them out and getting to know some of their youth better. Nadia has been teaching some this summer and is doing a fantastic job. It is great seeing her stretched and watching her shine as she grows. We are going through the Beatitudes. We have had a few fun events. One highlight was getting to see some dear friends in town for a short while and go to Ellen's Amusement with them (where you can Go-Kart and Putt Putt and do batting cages and arcade). They have two MKs that are very dear to my heart! Yesterday we spent all day at Burgers Lake, which is a man-made lake with water slides and high dives and more. It is a great place to spend a day with the kids. My kids really enjoyed playing with all the MKs! So much wrestling, so little time.

We have enjoyed having David around this summer while he is on break. Mark and I got to drive down and see his school and help him move out and clean his apartment. That was also a great chance for Mark to get some driving time in! We are hoping to get him his license by the end of this month! David is gone for this month in Colorado but will get back just before I leave for Jamaica. I'm glad Diane will have her brothers around to help out.

This summer has been full! I'm also trying to read through the Bible in 90 days, which has been pure joy! God's word is so amazing and it gives me renewed joy and passion for what my parents and so many missionaries I know are trying to do in getting it translated into every language! I am so thankful for the part I get to play in their lives and in the lives of their children! I'm so thankful for the part you play! I couldn't do this without you and I'm so thankful for you and your support!

Bless you all!


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