Monday, October 10, 2016

October Keeps Rolling!

And life keeps rolling and keeps us all on our toes. 

 So, there is a picture of the three sisters! Diane did have a wonderful time and I'm having a wonderful time having her home. 

MK is going very well so far this year! We have nearly doubled our size since I started full time 3 years ago. Two weeks ago I had the privilege of baptizing an MK, and this one was really unique. We went down on the trails behind the center and hiked to a little waterfall.  Thankfully it had rained recently, so we went into the water and she was baptized. It was so cool! I'm so grateful to be able to do things like this in my ministry. Here is a link to the video if you are interested. 

The Walk! That is what I call my MK guys small group.  It's going great! It's been so cool to meet with these guys, but what really impresses me is how they have embraced a challenge to read a chapter of Proverbs every day and post their favorite verse. These guys are so faithful to be in God's word and let it transform them. 

 This Saturday Diane and I kick off our co-ed small group and I'm really looking forward to seeing what that will look like this year. MK is going great! 

I just finished up another Trauma Healing group with my parents. This time I was facilitating and learning about how to do Story-based Trauma Healing. It is by far my favorite style and it was a great week!

My Grandfather passed away recently. It is bittersweet. He was/is (I suppose you never die when you live in Christ... but you know what I mean) a great man and God used him in many amazing ways. I'm honored to have such a wonderful man as my Grandfather and I'm blessed by his legacy! I called him Poppy and will remember him fondly as a man who was kind and charismatic, who loved to cook pancakes and go camping often. A man who was so welcoming and kind to my wife and children and who prayed for and supported my ministry. I love you Poppy and will miss you! 

I have been focusing on getting more ministry partners lately. I have many trips coming up next year and with the ebbs and flows of life, my support-base fluctuates and needs to be worked on. It's a great opportunity to trust God in all things. I trust God to provide for the calling that he has put on my life and I'm so grateful for how He is so incredibly faithful. I'm excited to let you know that I have three new partners since the summer!

Please be praying for... 

My preparation for all these upcoming Mission Trips... I'm biting off a lot and it will require a lot of prayer! I will be gone for 3 weeks in January and February and then off again in April and then again in the summer. My closest adventure will see me and my team doing two conferences and a Trauma Healing workshop. 

 I want to take this time to thank you all for your faithful support and partnership with me in this ministry! It means so much to me! You are a part of everything that I do, from baptisms, to trips to Thailand, to meetings on Monday nights. I can't do this without your support through finances, prayers and your loving relationship! I'm deeply touched and blessed by you! THANK YOU! 

Today is Texas State Fair day for Creed and Asher! Diane will be taking them (and Serenity) over there to have lots of fun soon. I'm staying home to care for the other two kids and then I'll be off to youth group. God is good and I'm so thankful to serve a God who is so great and kind and loving. He's my Dad and he's your Dad too and that makes us family and that makes me so happy. I love you! 



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Diane is my beautiful wife and the mother of my precious children Creed 9, Asher 7, Liam 4, Echo already in heaven, Bella 2, and Serenity.