Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I love normal life!

What a great January! I am enjoying great routine, time with friends and family and MK is going so well. I was the Mission of the Month at my church for January and it was great thinking about all the cool things that God is doing in the ministry. We just finished our series on Unresolved Grief and it was so good to go through again. Here are some MK pictures from the month!

Playing Chess at our event MK's Ride the Rhino (hanging at a coffee shop)

Abby Carlton sharing what God is doing in her life (part of sharing our gifts - she is a fantastic speaker)
Playing games... last sock standing wins :)

My wife goes nuts for Ethiopian Food! So good! 

Claire (my sister-in-law) turned 12! 

Parks and Rec... it's real and not just a show... Diane went to a town hall meeting and saw all the cool stuff coming! 

Some last precious times with these folks (my cousin and her husband) before they leave for the mission field with MAF

Liam had some fun events at school... dress like a 100-yr man :). 

Serenity and her first bloody head... we all have those amazing scars, don't we? tell me your story :)
God is so good... and you know it :). Lately I feel like Jesus is winking at me and saying "Hey, come along on this amazing adventure with me" and it makes me wonder if that is how he called the disciples. This amazing man who came to give us full and abundant life and joy... what a wild and exciting and amazing God we serve!

I am so blessed by the MKs! I have such a vision for them to change the world! I see so much potential and talent in them and these last two Mondays have been so sweet. Elijah and James on the fly gave such stirring devotionals! Watching the Spirit move in this group is such a blessing! These kids are deep and I'm so grateful to get to work along side them!

Things have been stirring in Asia and I have some trips coming up as a result. I could really use prayer for wisdom and favor regarding these trips.

I also have a short training coming up to help me be an expert in Teen Trauma Healing! I'm excited to have so many chances to refine and grow my skills! May all these skills be used for God's Glory!

Please pray for my family while I'm gone on these trips! I'm so grateful for a wife who is so willing to support me on these adventures and so thankful for a community to support her and the kids while I'm gone.

Just thinking about you all makes me smile! I'm going to post a verse that we are learning in the MK group here as a prayer for you! Your love for me and my family makes my day every day! God is using you and releasing captives and bringing joy! I can't thank you enough! Your support prayerfully and financially makes all these impromptu trips possible!

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This month Diane and I are hoping to fulfill a dream we've had for awhile now in reaching out to our neighbors! Please pray for us as we look forward to inviting people into our house. May our house be a place where God's love is felt powerfully and His presence brings life, joy, and healing! 



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