Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 You are soooo good looking!

It is so fantastic to be back at work! I enjoyed the long break with my family and friends... but, there is nothing quite like getting back in the office with fresh ideas and renewed perspective and an antsy spirit! I really enjoyed having all the college kids home for the holidays but, now they are slowly headed back to school and, life is getting back to 'normal' whatever that means in 2016. 

Some big changes are in the air... some new faces have joined MK and that is always awesome, especially when people leave that have been here for a while. Yesterday we met for the second time in the year and it was really great to be together. I have challenged some of the kids to join me in a 20 day challenge to spend 20 minutes of concentrated time with the Lord. Day 1 is today and that means February 8 will be the final day. I'm looking forward to seeing what God does in and through all of us as we give more of ourselves to Him. 

Here are some fun pictures from the last couple of weeks. 


This was a great movie and great experience that I got to share with my wife and father in law and two brothers in law (Erich and Mark). It was so cool having the director, Michael Bay, there as well as some of the actors (John Krasinski!!!) and three of the actual heroes! Powerful experience!

It's gotten brutally cold... kind of and, the fires have been nice while we watch football and other such things :)
It's been really fun connecting with MK's during their break, playing games and watching movies before the dreaded school starts again :). Here we are playing Quelf! Some of the MK's were missing meeting on Mondays, so we had a game night to tide us over :). 

I feel like this is the Birthday season on steroids! It was so nice to see Gram (Diane's Grandmother) for her birthday! And also Ethan and then Erich and then Claire! We are very festive party animals on the Gebauer side! Lots of wonderful kids means lots of wonderful birthdays... and that means lots of cake! 

A tradition of ours is to rededicate our lives to the Lord on Christmas Eve, We light our candles from the Christ candle in the center. It is so beautiful hearing our kids talk about how they want to grow closer to Jesus in the new year! What Diane said was nice too :). 

This was a great privilege and honor for me to be able to baptize Sean before he went back to college. I am thankful for his friendship and blessed to be able to be a part of his life in this way. What a wonderful evening! 

God is certainly active in this new year, it's so fun looking to see what the Father is doing and figuring out how to join him! I have been meditating on the idea of delighting in the Lord! It's important to be proactive in our relationship with God, to learn how to respond to the incredible things that He is doing around us all the time and, to take time to notice and be grateful for the wonderful things that He has done and is doing! 

I can't escape thoughts of you when I take time to delight in the Lord. I delight in His provision for me and my family through you! I am so blessed by your prayers and support for this ministry! Thank you for standing beside me! 

I have many adventures ahead this year and am honored to have such a group of prayer warriors in my community. 


That God will give me wisdom and blessings as I prepare to lead a team on a mission trip to Malaysia later this year! 

For Bob Alber, my wonderful boss, as he seeks further healing in his leg so that he can come back and keep me company in the office. Last week he left the office for the foreseeable future. I trust God will use this time to heal him completely so that he can resume the work he is so gifted in!   

I always praise God for you! 



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