Monday, September 21, 2015

Transition, the name of the game :)

What to talk about first :)

Just before Summer I was told by Wycliffe Associates that they would no longer be supporting my role with the Dallas MK youth group. I immediately started praying about what God wanted me to do and very quickly was led to find a solution in the Church that I'm attending (Holy Cross Lutheran Church). After meeting with the pastor and the board, they unanimously decided that they would be my sending church and would manage all the support that you have so graciously been providing for me to do this work. My assignment as the Director of Youth Ministry is staying the same, but who manages the funds is shifting.

This means that I will need all of you faithful supporters to shift where you give. I have been a little nervous about this and have been bathing it in much prayer. I'm so grateful to my church for providing a solution, and I'm trusting that this shift will bring glory to God and be what's best for my ministry in the long run.

The reason I haven't talked about this before is because I didn't have a place for you to start giving. Well, on Wednesday that all changed.  :)  My ministry account is now set up with my Church and there is a place to send funds.

My biggest concern in all of this was being able to provide a cost-effective and simple way to transition everybody over. I was delighted to hear about Chase QuickPay providing the option for easy and recurring donations directly into my ministry account online. This service is free and is exactly what I was hoping for. Now I just hope that it will be an easy transition for all of you. I have sent requests to many of you already for the donation that you provide regularly on the date that you usually provide it. Hopefully this will make it easier on you to transfer to this new way of giving.

I understand that some of you may not like this solution. The other way to donate to my ministry is via check. If you write a check to "Holy Cross Lutheran Church" and put "Caleb Robbins Ministry" in the memo line it will get deposited into my ministry account.

The address is:

Holy Cross Lutheran Church 
4400 W Arkansas Ln, Arlington, TX 76016

I want to thank all of you for bearing with me during this transition, and for your prayers and support. Thank you for standing with me and for taking the time to switch over your donations. It means so much to me! I won't be able to receive donations through Wycliffe Associates after September 30th. I'm sorry that doesn't give you much time to make the transition but I'm so thankful for your efforts. If you need any help please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Once you have successfully set up your new donation please let me know. 

Click on this "How to Give" to get detailed instructions on setting up and using Chase QuickPay. 

A few things to let you know - it's free, you don't have to be a member of Chase Bank to use it, and you can set up one-time or recurring donations. For those of you already familiar with it, the e-mail address to send donations to is "". Please put for recipient "HCLC - Caleb Robbins Ministry".

I think that is all for now, but if you have further questions or concerns please let me know. 

My e-mail is and my phone number is 214 558 8431

I am again very grateful to you all for standing with me and being willing to go through this transition alongside me. 

Blessings to you all!