Thursday, February 11, 2016

All good things must come to an end and all that stuff...

Wow, life is insatiable isn't it?! It just keep plugging away, giving us lots of things to be occupied with and never wants to slow down. This last month has been a fantastic example of the fullness of life that Jesus tells us about in John 10:10. 

Below is a picture of a Vine that I took, trying to demonstrate what I do in my relationship time with the Lord. My quiet time? my devotions? Me and God hanging out? Something... insert the phrase that works for you. 

Lately I've been calling this my 20/20 time. During one of these times with the Lord I felt inspired to challenge my MK worship team to devote their next 20 days to God by giving Him 20 minutes of their day in concentrated conversation. I know that we are to be praying without ceasing but this is a more focused attempt to connect with God. 

It went amazingly! At the end of that time I had them present to the whole youth group what God did in and through them during that time and then challenged the whole group to do their own 20/20. Many of the youth have embraced said challenge and I'm eager to see what God does in and through them during the next 20 or so days. Hopefully this will be the start of something amazing in their lives... or at least a continuation of something amazing :). 

The fantastic Gebauers went back to the Solomon Islands on Feb 7th and below are a bunch of pics of us all hanging out before they left. There were many good times connecting.  They are missed already! 

Sergei, my cousin's child, gave Asher and Creed skateboards.  Here Asher and Claire are learning to use them.


My parents recently went back to Africa for a short while.  Here is their last evening with us before they left! Puzzle time! 

Fun at the park... great winter weather here in Dallas! 

Birthdays!!! Here we are enjoying having Erich down for one last visit before his parents go back! 

We had such a great day at the Zoo all together one last time! Again, amazing God-given weather! 

Here is the gang just before they left - One last group hug at the airport... Thanks to Pastor Lowrey, his family, Guy Setter  and Lisa for all their help getting people and belongings to the airport! 

The Dallas MK sorting donations at Dallas Life a local Homeless Shelter. I love serving alongside these kids! 
Life is so good! I spent my first 20 days focusing on delighting in the Lord and I watched many epic nature videos and I spent a lot of time praising our creator for His creativity and beauty. I was filled with such joy and life.  Truly all good things flow out of our seeking God and Him only!

During that time, some difficult things happened. God desires for us to live in harmony! He orchestrates things perfectly, His timing is always perfect, His gifts are always what we need. So it is no mere chance that while I am entrenched in this delight of the Lord there are also many things happening around me that would otherwise be much more devastating to my spirit if not for the focus that He has called me to have on Him. 

One of these things is the financial future of the Dallas MK program. Our budget is, shall we say, in the wind right now. But, I'm confident that God will either provide the money and build the community that He desires for that, or He will lead us in better ways that cost less. Either way, I have joy where fear and anxiety could otherwise be. One of the sources of my joy comes from my little precious boy Asher, who after hearing me request prayer for the budget needs, immediately went to his piggy bank and withdrew the following as a donation. His generosity is so beautiful to me! I'm so touched and encouraged. 

God doesn't require money, He requires obedience! And that is my desire, to be obedient... and more than that, to delight in my God! And I do delight in Him and He gives me the confidence and joy to live in expectation of what He is going to do next... not only here but in all areas of my life! 

I'm committed to sharing with you all the impact of this ministry. Below is a video of Matthew Gebauer sharing about the impact the Dallas MK has had on him. It's so meaningful to me to see how God uses this ministry to touch so many lives. 

Thanks so much for your part in all of this! I can't do what I do without you! Your prayers, your donations, and your friendship are so helpful in making this dream a reality! Thank you for standing with me in this.  I'm so grateful for you. 

Please pray 

For Diane who is in extreme back pain right now... apparently Serenity has kicked her ribs out of alignment :(

For me as I prepare my team to go to Malaysia this summer.  That God would call the right people to go with me on this adventure! 

For the Dallas MK group to understand and follow hard after what God desires for their future! 

I praise God for you! 

And for all the amazing things he is doing, for mountains and rainbows, for sunny days at the zoo, for life, for the amazing joy of knowing him and for his faithfulness and mercies that are new every morning! 



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