Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Is it really July already?

I'm sorry for taking so long to write this post... don't worry I won't make it too long :).

Asher had a birthday! 9 years young and looking better than ever! 

Our family enjoyed a great time celebrating Memorial day together. 

My beautiful sister has been over lots to play with my kids during their summer break. 

This was the last school lunch before summer! We had a pizza party! I like to eat with the kids on Tuesdays :)

Discovery week was amazing! I enjoyed working with these two big kids :). We had a great group of MKs!
 I was able to premiere my lessons on "Rest" at Discovery this year. Discovery is a week long conference that Pioneer Bible Translators puts on in early June. I get to hang out with MKs all day, which I love. This whole time of year gets really busy and really fun! These lessons will be what I teach again in Thailand and at our MK Camp "Hobbitville" to kick off the school year in September.

Diane's parents are back in town! This was the picture of their empty storage container! Glad you are back, Mom and Dad! 

Joel helped me cut down two trees the other day! 
 I was stupid enough to tie myself to one of the trees and found myself flying through the air as the tree was falling. The angels were definitely working overtime to save me that day. I rammed right into the tree and swung around a few times before finally grabbing the trunk. Joel brought the ladder over and I climbed down (15 feet in the air at this point). I looked at the slip knot and noticed it was barely still tied. I was a little banged up but I was grateful to be alive and with no long term injuries.

My girls are on summer break while child care is closed and we are having fun dress up adventures! 

I guess my big girl and amazingly beautiful wife is also having dress up adventures :). She just got back from her annual girls trip and as you can see had lots of fun. I love her new hair and it's really nice having her back. We survived the week with basic nutrition (it's good to have vegetables again). I'm grateful for my friends who helped and kept me company while she was away... it's really great having her home again!

Last night we had a pizza party and watched the World Cup together at MK. It was so fun seeing the game on the big screen and hanging out together.

One very sad thing that happened last night at MK was the injury that this amazing young lady sustained. I found out today that her arm is broken. She was cheerful and brave through out! She has incredible parents. This is the first major injury that I can remember at MK since I've been there. I'm so sorry that it happened but I'm grateful that God has protected us so well! Thank you for your prayers for our group! Please continue to pray and pray for her to heal quickly!

Summer is the time of transition for many families trying to get back overseas in time for school to start. One family wrote me before they left to have me remove them from the e-mail list (they won't need to get updates while they are away). They also shared this...

"Thanks for all you do with/for the MKs. It's great to see them growing, challenged, and maturing."

I wanted to share this because you are a part of the incredible work going on in this ministry! God is doing incredible things and you are part of making all of them possible! Some plant, others water, but God makes it grow! Praise be to God, for His incredible love and work and for raising you up to be a part of the ministry He is doing here. I'm so thankful for you!

We have been very busy at MK and God is continuing to bless the ministry. Another ministry that is dear to my heart is Trauma Healing. I just finished leading my first Initial Equipping. It was a great experience and I'm hoping to become a Master Facilitator before the end of the year. It is even possible that I could go to India and get my final requirement met doing an Advanced Training there. I really enjoy helping others heal and learn how to help others with their healing. God of course is the great healer and all our healing flows from Him!


I'm leaving for Thailand in just over a week! Pray for my family while I'm gone and for God to expand His kingdom through my team and the ministry we get to be a part of in Thailand.


My family is enjoying a wonderful summer so far. It is great to have Grandparents around! God is giving us rest in the chaos and is keeping us healthy. My boys are going through the Bible in 90 days with me and that has been a real joy!

Image result for hebrews 4:11 rest

My prayer for you today is that you are able to enjoy the Rest of God. That through trusting and hoping in Him to be all that you need you are able to find a peace that passes understanding and that you are able to live from that place!

I love you and look forward to sharing about Thailand with you in my next post! Thanks for your prayers and financial support!



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