Monday, May 20, 2013

Better Late than Never

A Bongo in the hand is worth two in the bush? Or something like that... any way we got a care package from my in laws... yeah go figure, we get care packages from people living in the Solomon Islands, now that means that I have pretty cool in laws... one of the things in the package was a delicacy known as the Bongo. Can't wait to have some... you know a Bongo in time saves nine... or something.

Well I didn't write last week, I was too tired and busy and just wasn't feeling it. But I did get some good stuff done and I'm glad to be in the writers chair now. 

Mothers day was great. Diane and I went to see Iron Man 3 with some good friends and that was a great cap to a wonderful day. I'm so grateful for all the prayers that my parents put out over the years concerning who I would marry someday, God delivered big time! I enjoyed leaving my mothers, who are across the world, a note letting them know how special they are to me... and it was great seeing my boys love on my wife. 

Speaking of mothers across the world, I'm so glad that my mother and father are taking some much needed vacation after having a very stressful evacuation from the war ravaged C.A.R. It is amazing what they have been through and I'm so proud of them and so grateful that God is caring for them and now leading them beside still waters.  

A bullet that made it into my parents house before the evacuation.

This past week was all about getting the rest of the summer planned. Not my forte, but thanks to Bobs guidance I now have contacts with many places around the metroplex to go with the kids this summer. We are going to a Rangers Game, the Rodeo, two water parks, and a myriad of other places. Among other things we also put the finishing touches on the Pool Opening which is supposed to happen later today, and as I'm typing this I'm waiting for the call to come in from Bob on whether or not the weather will permit us to go forward. I hope we can make it a go for today but I trust that Gods timing will be perfect. 

The end of this week got very busy. This is the time of year where most of the Mks that are home schooled are graduating. So I have been to three graduation parties, one of which was for a former colleague of my wife's. Her party was amazing, and about half an hour away, and we were there very late, which was great! Then the next day we had a wedding an hour away. It was fantastic and also kept us out very late, getting up on Saturday for my early morning Men's group was torture. It was like the cartoon where the 'Z' is popped and the character looks like a rung out sponge. Well no worries, the next evening was the combination of a graduation party and my aunt and uncles 40th wedding anniversary. It was great because all these events let me see lots of friends that I don't normally see. It was tough to have it all in a row but that is why God told us to rest on the 7th day. And, boy Sunday was a great day of rest. I enjoyed getting to speak at my Church, and then I took my wife out on a fun date that afternoon. 

Here is Monday and I'm ready for another great week. I just feel so blessed to have this job and to have people like you helping make all this possible. God is so good! 


My goodness it's hard to think of anything... I'm so blessed! Pray for my parents that they regenerate well! 
We are looking into getting windows for our house, pray for wisdom and blessing on the process. 


I praise God for you!!! 
My parents are getting vacation! 
Creed is graduating. 

Bless you all! I really enjoy living in community with you and look forward to how this summer is going to form all of us. Here's a toast to all the graduates "you did it I'm so proud of you and I'm excited to see how you use what God has given you! I'm sure you all are going to make a great impact on this world! Just remember a rolling Bongo gathers no moss." 



also... A Bongo saved is a Bongo earned :)

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