Friday, September 26, 2014

Merely another Blog Post :)

Well, it's good to be a youth pastor and it's great to have a wonderful family to enjoy it with. I was so happy last Saturday when my son Creed, my boy, decided to come and help out with our MK car wash! It was so fun having him out there washing and drying and making friends and getting soaked. I'm really enjoying watching him grow up! 

I love my job so much and I don't mind working on Saturdays because it's fun being with the great kids that I get to work with. The Cowan car wash is always a fun service project. Cowan is where most of the retired hall-of-fame missionaries are living now. It's like being surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses and it is great getting to serve them in some small way.


 After the car wash it was time to relax for a few hours before going out to the park to hear good music and eat good food. One of my friends was playing in a band at a park nearby that was celebrating its 100th birthday. Yeah, pretty cool to have live music and a place for the kids to run around and play... and oh yeah, get their faces painted. 

Wow, then Sunday came around with a spectacular Cowboys comeback win... you might say historical... you might say hysterical :). Any way, after that was soccer practice, which is exciting. We start our season this coming Sunday... we are hoping to have a by-week and get more time to get ready... but either way I'm excited to get out there with the guys and play some soccer again.

Monday rolled around and it was a great start to our Mere Christianity series! Man, what a fantastic book! I'm getting so much more out of it now that I'm teaching through it!

This is a wonderful time of the year and a wonderful time of life. I'm so thankful for all of God's blessings and right now I'm so incredibly thankful for you who make this adventure possible for me! Your support is incredible and I want you to know that I'm truly thankful!

The only sadness this week has come with the death of our cat. Cinnamon lived with us for several years and was a great cat. He was bold and kind and had lots of personality. He could snatch birds out of the air, fought snakes valiantly, and brought a lot of joy into our lives. He pouted like no other cat. I especially remember how sad he was after we got him groomed once. :). He had his faults but he was a part of our family and he will be missed. The last great battle he was in got the best of him. He injured his tail severely and never recovered from having it amputated.

There is no and with God. He desires to be all and if you want all of Him, you must leave the and behind. As I think about that I'm realizing how subtle the and in our lives can be... the things that very kindly and gently steal our loyalty and attention away from God. They come disguised so we don't feel the need to rid ourselves of them. For me they come in the myriad of distractions that eat up my time; they take the form of dirty floors, or the desire to have perfectly organized music, or reading articles on technology. None of them are bad in themselves, but all of them as they steal away the precious attention that my Lord and Savior desires and deserves, become deadly to me. What are your and's? We can be satisfied in God alone and allow all the external things to find their rightful place, the place that He has for them. And... well, I like things when they are in their right place... I'm learning that God and I have that in common :)... God please put me where you want me, and keep putting me there every time I get myself out of place.



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