Thursday, September 17, 2015

How To Give

Writing Checks 

One way to donate to my ministry is via check. If you write a check to "Holy Cross Lutheran Church" and put "Caleb Robbins Ministry" in the memo line it will get deposited into my ministry account.

The address is: 

Holy Cross Lutheran Church 
4400 W Arkansas Ln, Arlington, TX 76016

Another way that provides you the option to set up regular online donations is 

Chase Quick Pay

Chase QuickPay is an online service that allows you to send money to and receive funds from virtually anyone with an e-mail address who's enrolled in the service. It's fast, convenient and secure, and it's easy to get started–all you need is a valid e-mail address and U.S. bank account.

You can use Chase QuickPay to send and receive money at no charge.
As long as you have a valid e-mail address, you can create a Chase QuickPay profile to send and receive money. Simply register your Chase checking account or a checking or savings account you have with any other U.S. bank and send money to your recipient. We'll coordinate the direct transfer between banks–without any cost to you.

Enrollment is simple and secure. First, you'll need to create your Chase online profile and confirm that you own the e-mail address and bank account you want to use with this service.        

If you’re a Chase customer with an active online profile, please enroll in Chase QuickPay:

Go to and log on with your Chase User ID and Password

Select and verify your preferred e-mail address

Read and accept the Chase QuickPay Legal Agreement terms and conditions

Select the valid Chase account you want to use with this service

Start using Chase QuickPay to send and receive money

If you’re a Chase customer but you don’t have an active profile, please:

Go to to get a User ID and enroll in Chase Online

Then, follow the steps above for Chase customers to activate Chase QuickPay.

Note: If you have a Chase checking account, you must use it to send and receive money via Chase QuickPay.

If you’re not a Chase customer, please create a Chase profile and enroll in Chase QuickPay:

Click the enrollment option on

Create a User ID and Password

Select and verify your primary e-mail address

Read and accept the required legal terms including the Chase QuickPay Service Agreement terms and conditions

Add and validate the external bank account you want to use with this service

Start using Chase QuickPay to send and receive money

During and after enrollment, please check your e-mail account to make sure your Chase QuickPay notifications reach your inbox (and are not blocked). Otherwise, you may not be able to complete enrollment, begin accepting money, and start receiving notifications about your Chase QuickPay activity.

With Chase QuickPay, it's easier than ever to exchange money with friends and peers. Once you’ve logged on to Chase QuickPay, you can send or accept payments directly online. You can even schedule repeating payments that get e-mailed weekly, monthly or at another frequency you determine. You also can manage your profile, add new payees and see your Chase QuickPay history.
Your security matters to Chase, and we use a variety of advanced technology to make sure our products and services remain secure. We work hard to help ensure your account information stays secure.

We've taken additional steps to help protect you. When you use Chase QuickPay, you won't need to know or provide your recipients' (e.g. friends' or customers') financial information – like account or Social Security Numbers. Plus, you won't need to wait for physical checks in the mail or worry about your money sitting anywhere other than your own bank account.