Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall... rain that is what is falling...

Romans 8: 1-2
Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,
because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you
free from the law of sin and death.
What a powerful and incredible statement... there is ceaseless joy in the meditation and application of those verses. Wow!
When last we met I was headed to a chili festival and it was incredible! I must say that I wish it came more than once a year... perhaps if we lived like the chili festival was every day the world would be a better place with more joy and peace. People should treat each other like every day is chili day...
There it is in all its glory... the Chili of destiny...
 Here are the amazing people who came to the chili fest with me... they are in their amazing costumes. It was so great having my mom there and Joel is an honorary part of the family now (look at that smile). 
 Bellow are my kids out on their first Halloween take candy from nice strangers night. Creed was a power ranger and Asher was an alligator from some cartoon show. They were very cute and we enjoyed a great start at my cousins house. They set up a cool back alley games and treats station to meet and encourage the neighborhood. It was awesome. We then proceeded to find out which houses like giving things to costumed youngsters and which houses don't. My kids got tired quickly and that made it easier for me to get them home sooner. The bottom picture is the last house we went to. I'm glad that they got so much candy and got to do this at least once... we will see what happens next year.
 Bellow are the pictures from Creed's field trip. I was so thankful to be able to go out there with him and enjoy the farm. I got to chaperone him and a kid named Austin. It was fun running around with them and petting and milking and hay riding and what not. Austin was so funny, he kept getting the names of animals wrong... reminded me of myself at the zoo (yeah Diane those are goats ;). Any way good times for the most part and we made it back alive. One cool thing was this guy gave me $5 for lunch. I had neglected to bring any cash with me. I thought that was awesome! Another cool thing was hearing Creeds teacher brag on him. It made me very proud!  

That is not a Camel... ha ha ha!

 Things with MK go in spurts... like milk from an udder (see above picture :). Last weekend we had small group followed by a wonderful scavenger hunt. I was out late the night before at a birthday party and it was cold and I was not well dressed and with the little sleep and the busy schedule I have gotten slightly sick. Yay for daylight savings! I'll take that extra hour of sleep any day. I got to speak in church on Sunday and that was fantastic! I really love our church and the people there are so good and kind.

I'm enjoying teaching Sunday school and we are watching the Ten Commandments. Good movie, it's the new version and I'm really liking it. Monday I finished up my last MK specific lesson for the rest of the year. We talked about how we fit in our culture and it was neat hearing the kids relate to that. The Bible personality we looked at was Moses. It was neat to have that fresh in my mind already.

Life is slowing down and speeding up all at the same time. I'm excited for Thanksgiving and my Birthday this month and I'm enjoying some time to prepare for December. We have lots of fun stuff planned with the MK's.

I hope you are enjoying Fall and all it brings! You are a blessing and joy in my life and I praise God for you!