Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Last trip was a Wedding!

What a whirlwind of a week! The wedding came and went and was a ton of fun and it definitely got the job done. They say you can't choose your family, well in many ways I guess that's true and makes sense, unless you're me and Luke. We chose each other as brothers, and while I haven't always been the best friend to the guy, I've always treated him like a brother. He stood with me when I embraced the adventure of being Diane's husband and I was honored to return the best man favors when he began his own adventure with Ishael. The story begins with a flight to New Jersey... 

Tuesday: Luke's birthday, he and Ishael picked me up and the pre-wedding errands continued, with Caleb in toe. The funniest bit for me was going to the bank and dealing with a very curt Wells Fargo attendant. The hilarity came mainly from the fact that right behind her was a sign saying how banking begins and ends with courtesy. So good! Stuff happened and we ended up at a surprise dinner for Luke at a really sweet restaurant. Big thanks to his Mother in law for picking up the bill! 

Wednesday: Luke and I enjoyed getting up in a lazy fashion, we played some Madden (my Xbox 360 came with me :). The place we stayed belonged to a wonderful family, the dad is a youth pastor! Ya it was awesome, his name is Luke and she lives up to her name, in fact they all do; Jewel! She brought us bagels and coffee and without milk I improvised with coconut milk... interesting choice on my part, maybe not the best one I've ever made. We packed up and moved to the B&B that was rented for us (thanks to Luke's parents) and worked on a bridal party gift (a beautiful cutting board). Then it was drive here drive there drive everywhere. Eventually, we had most of the groomsmen and found ourselves at the Tux Shop, which is actually the name of the shop. Then off to the Bachelor party, which I can't tell you about for fear of losing my job and support. No I'm kidding, we went bowling :)... and then ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings where Luke beasted the Blazing challenge. He killed it with time to spare (12 of their hottest wings in 6 minutes). 

Thursday: Up and at em nice and slow like. We ate some delicious pastry from a nearby bakery and then went to IHop for a wedding party meet and greet with pancakes. I got to meet the lovely lady I would escort down the isle, her name is Bambi and I'm sure she makes her fiance's heart go Thumper ;). I couldn't resist, I'm sorry. Then the rehearsal and the delicious dinner to follow. I love plantains and missed the memo about taking one first and letting others try them. Any way, it was a great time of getting to know the group, I even got to meet Luke's birth mom, which I really enjoyed. When we finally made it home we took some time to encourage this amazing man  and pray for him and his wife to be. It was so hard to get to sleep that night, not just because of the loud snoring :). 

Friday: Ahhhhh get up and get going! We suited up and made it to the wedding with an hour to spare and then it just all happened and it was awesome. John Piper married the lovely couple and it was great to get to meet this amazing man who has authored so many powerful life changing books. His wedding sermon was great! But what do you expect. Luke wept but Ishael put him to shame, needless to say I was ready with tissues throughout. It was so wonderful getting to be right there for it all. And then it was over and we were off to the reception. They got an amazing DJ and he did a great job. There was lots of dancing, I really enjoyed seeing Luke's dance with his mother. I was in an African dance (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152340196422743) and you can watch it if you really want to. The time flew by but it was so rich! Finally we ended up at this mansion for pictures and then goodbyes! It was hard to say goodbye! Those of us who were left ended up going to Time Square, it was a real treat for me having never been before. I really enjoyed sharing that time with everybody. Then home and much needed bed! 

Saturday: Oh my goodness sleep I love you so much! Okay well eventually I did get up and then cleaned up the place. I was the sole survivor and got all my stuff together and the suits together and then got a ride to the airport and off to home. After a few delays I made it back into the loving arms of my own bride. 

Now I'm back to life here in Dallas for a little while. No more trips til June. This Sunday I really enjoyed getting to speak at my cousins baby dedication thingy. It was great to pray for their daughter and them and share a few things. I love being here and I love this community. This weekend I'm off again but this time the family is coming with me on a camping adventure. I can't wait to go fishing with the boys. Should be a good time. 

Thanks for being a part of this wonderful life with me. Your support and love mean so much! 

Bless you all! 

Caleb Robbins