Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The crazy month of life... no I already used that title :)

Okay well the train just keeps rolling, I ran into Freddy Boswell this morning on my way into the office and was talking about how today was a busy day... he just smiled and said "every day is a busy day"... he's right!

This won't be long, I will sit down next week and write a longer... but not too long... blog to catch you all up, but I missed writing you and thought you might like a smidge of news.

Okay so very briefly...

My dear Nanna died last month and my Dad flew back for the memorial, and that was a very sweet time of fellowship and remembering the epic life that Nanna lived. It was great being with family.

I went to Alabama and visited my cousin and his family amongst all the chaos. The week after graduation we took MK off to let the kids ease into summer but that week turned out to be quite eventful, nevertheless I'm really glad that I was able to go and see David and get away, I flew Southwest which seemed appropriate :)... when getting away :).

Now I'm back and Mk has started back up with Monday night fun and a trip to Burgers Lake and this week I'm helping out with two conferences and going to the North Texas Food Bank on Friday with the kids.

So please keep me in your prayers as you think of me running around :).

Also please be praying for Bob Alber, my partner in this ministry, who is in the hospital recovering from a flesh eating bacteria that attacked his leg and caused big chunks of it to be removed. His life went from 100 mph to, well however fast you can get around on one leg... too soon? No, he has a great sense of humor and makes us all laugh despite what he is going through. I have enjoyed visiting him a couple times in the rehab center he calls home.

 Asher got older... yeah he's 6 now!!!!

Just a few pictures for you... after all what is a blog without pictures?

Okay, bless you all and thanks for standing with me in this life! Your support is felt and appreciated so much! I love you all!



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