Friday, September 5, 2014


I think we have a new name for our MK summer camp... yeah it's Hobitville... it just seems to stick! I really like it, and we can sort of even use it for an acronym for SKY... Shire, Knowledge, Yodeling or something like that. 

The weekend was fantastic as you can see from the videos and pictures. It was great to get away with the kids, the speaker was wonderful, the worship went great, the skits and games and activities were all fantastic! I really enjoyed the weekend with my leaders and with our amazing youth. I loved seeing them face their fears on the ropes course, I enjoyed getting shot in paintball and I really appreciated watching them eat nasty and weird things :). 

The camp is smaller and all the activities are a la cart, so we ended up doing everything together. There was a wonderful sense of community and I'm really excited about what God is going to do this year in our group after such a great kick off weekend. 

On another note... 

While I was at camp everything was going crazy at home with Diane and the kids. Bella was sick, Liam broke out in a crazy rash and Asher pretended to have pink eye... it turned out to just be allergies. Phew... we are just so tired at home... even Mark is feeling a bit under the weather these days. Please pray for rest and peace to come over the Robbins household... 

On an even other note! 

Football is back... fall is racing toward us and I'm just so excited to be on this side of summer. Summer was great but I'm ready for some cooler weather. Our annoying cat Cinnamon had a terrible accident that left his tail less than stellar. Well that tail is now gone... gasp... but, the cat is still managing to rip out its stitches and still bleed everywhere. So now the cat is back at the vet getting fixed up again... please pray for patience... for me to have patience :). 

Okay, almost finally...

I just want to say that I'm really excited to be going back to Yaounde Cameroon to speak at the R.F.I.S. spiritual retreat! It's going to be in February of next year... and yes I planned the trip to be after Superbowl Sunday... I fly on Monday :). Please be praying for me as I prepare my lessons. I'm so excited for the trip! I love going back to Africa! 


Thank you for making all of this possible! Your support is so meaningful! Your prayers and financial donations mean so much and I'm so grateful to you! You truly are a huge blessing to me and my family! 



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