Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Costumes are everywhere!

Liam is now 3 years old believe it or not! Liam you are such an amazing little boy... you have such a sweet spirit and joyful heart. I love your smiles and hugs and I'm so proud of you! I'm glad God gave us such a wonderful little boy like you! Happy Birthday my big 3 year old! 

Yes it's that time of year again when my kids dress up constantly and expect candy for their trouble :). Fall festivals abound and our lives seem to get even more hectic as we parade ninjas and what nots around the metroplex seeking out friendly people with trunks filled to brimming with candy. 


I just can't get over how amazingly cute Bella is! What a wonderful gift from God! She is beloved everywhere we go and sometimes we forget we have her with us because people will just come up and take her away and not come back for hours... Liam reprises his role as Batman again this year. Hey if it works it works! (That was deep and you can borrow it if you want :)

Last Saturday was another day filled with activity! The fall festival at our church (see pics above) and the MK service day (see pics below) kept us from being bored all day :). It was great getting out there with the MKs and getting stuff done! We were able to get a lot of storm clean up taken care of as well as odds and ends here and there for people. It is so nice getting to work along side the kids, that is often when I feel like I get to know them the best!

So two weekend ago my brother in law drove up to see us and low and behold this girl appeared on my couch in the morning. I later discovered that my good man David has a girlfriend that he has been hiding... er um... just not thinking about telling us about. Any way I immediately got photographic evidence of her existence so that we could all share in the joy of this new relationship. She seemed nice during the 20 minutes I got to see her. 


I have been working on my prayer life of late and have been inspired to create what I fondly call a prayer garden :). It has been really fun getting out there and spending time with God. I'm dreaming and learning and getting excited more and more about what I'm hearing. God gives us his best! How could he do otherwise?

This last week has been challenging in some respects...

Our beautiful red Corolla is going the way of our beloved cat Cinnamon... its dead (too soon?). Any way the repairs out weigh the value of the car as it stands so time to buy a new one. This is exciting but also a financial adventure, fortunately the car runs and should be okay to drive until something else can be found. Pray for wisdom! 

In other sad news the Cowboys lost last night... bummer... I guess it's all part of their journey to the Superbowl... but 15 and 1 would have been so cool... I guess 14 and 2 is okay. Also our indoor team suffered its first loss. We finally played a full team and they were pretty good... kinda shocked us after what we have experienced so far. After a slow first half we came out strong in the second and finished the game well. Stuff like this is such a good reminder of what is really important. During the game one of their players went down with an injury and I ran over and offered to pray, he got up before I could, but the opportunity was there. After the game we felt good about how we played, but more importantly we were all gracious losers. It's good to have tests no matter how small, things that humble you, but also test how you respond to small adversities. Sometimes everything seems to be going great and sometimes a lot of little disappointments pile up on themselves. That's kind of how it feels right now, but I have so much joy in the journey, I know God is with me and using all this stuff to give me what is best for me.

So in response... 

God thanks for your love and the joy of knowing you! 

God thanks for the people you have raised up to support me and make my dreams a reality! 

God thanks for losses, and tests, and adversity, that helps me see a bigger picture, one where you are completely in control and showing me how to cling to you through it all.

So, yes I do want to curl up and cry in my Cowboys snuggie to mourn their loss... but I won't! All I have to do is think about my wonderful kids and wife, and the amazing community that I get to live in and I couldn't be more grateful or any happier for all the things that God has given me! 

I pray that you see His best in your life this week! 

Blessings on you all!  


p.s. I have a wonderful mission trip to Cameroon coming up which will cost $1800. Thanks for your prayers and financial support! It is wonderful to have peace buying the tickets knowing that God will use you to get me there and back again :).

If you want to support what I do a little or a lot, on a one time basis (for a mission trip to Cameroon perhaps :) or on a recurring basis, click on the tab "Supporting the Work" at the top of the page. Diane is my beautiful wife and the mother of my precious children Creed 7, Asher 5, Liam 3, Echo already in heaven and Bella, getting bigger all the time.