Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2018 You are sooooo good looking!

I'm not judging you... always a great way to start a blog :)... I'm not judging you if you are a fan of New Years resolutions... and I'm not judging you if you are a staunch hater of them. I like the refreshed feeling that a new year can bring. Everyday we set our hearts and eyes on the prize, though outwardly we are wasting away (35 years old and this gets more real every year :) ) yet inwardly we are renewed day by day! My hope and prayer for this year is the same as it has been for many years - that I stack one well-lived moment on top of the next and keep growing in and enjoying the wonder of being in love with God! 

Enough of that... now on to the pictures and the myriad of tales that accompany them. It was a great Christmas break! God provided rest and opportunity for great times with friends and family that I normally don't get to see. I'm glad to be back in the office and I'm excited for what is out in front of me, but I'm also so grateful for what this time off has been in my life. 

Hammock living is popular among my children. 

Here are some epic shells my dad collected while he was in Mexico. A wonderful Christmas gift that enhances my office! 

Broomball! What a great event where the whole MK group, young and old alike, take to the ice for a wonderful hour of mayhem!
I just finished my first ever college retreat. I enjoyed putting this thing together with the help of my good friends and ministers Nadia and Pete. It was so nice to see the kids and enjoy some time away with them. Many of the same kids that went on the senior retreat came back for this one. We had a great time relaxing and eating amazing food (thanks Nad), playing games, hiking, and learning more about God. We talked about making our faith more concrete and becoming living epistles! We prayed for each other and worshiped together and spurred one another on! I really appreciate the ministry that this ranch provides for our kids!

I like to bring in the new year with a few friends, playing Quelf and watching "The Office" Christmas shows. I made a movie out of them... it's fun... for me :). Ah yes... Quelf... the game that makes you wear a home made scuba mask (among other ridiculous things)... you either hate or love this game :). I really enjoyed bringing the new year in with my wife this year. It was great having company over and praying for one another and hearing reflections on the past year. My cousin died this time last year and there are some tender feelings, but God has been so good this year and has brought a lot of healing since then. Our thoughts and prayers are still with Andrew and his kids! We miss you Laura!

It was time! I needed a hear cut and the new year finally brought that to pass... so much shampoo and conditioner was saved by the cutting of the beard and hair.

Date Night!!! I really like this girl... I'd marry her all over! 
 One of the more fun things we did as a family was go to see the lights at the Dallas Zoo! We all bundled up and enjoyed a wonderful evening together walking through the lights and doing crafts and seeing shows! It has been really cold here... it took some doing but we finally found a warmish night to go out and enjoy.

Christmas was so great with my family! I loved having my sister's family and my parents over! We played and ate and presented and Ivy and Hollyed and just loved every minute of it.

My Hobbit and Lord of the Rings viewing parties were another wonderful success this year. In two weekend I had the MKs over to watch these epic movies with me and my family! It's a great tradition that I've kept going for yet another year. I even kind of dress up! Mohawk, braided beard and epic sword... I'm ready to hunt some orc :).

Ah yes... the yearly Christmas extravaganza that my kids participate in with their schools! We enjoyed Liam this year being one of 3 French Hens... can you guess the song? It was fun and packed out!

Asher is great with animals... Charlie loves this kid! 
 I have had many many days at home with my lovelies... Child care was done before my kids got out of school, so for a few days it was daddy-daughter time in the morning. Great memories waking up and watching Christmas Prince and other Netflix gold with my beauties. We danced and dressed up and ate and had a ball :). What a gift these daughters are!

Here I've come to the end of the pictures... oh well! I enjoyed the journey down memory lane :). The ministry is going really well and I'm very excited for what this year will bring! One parents wrote... 

 Our kids really appreciate the MK-specific nights at youth group. They also appreciate having well-adjusted adult TCKs leading them. The youth group gives our kids another venue where they can process their questions or reflections on transition. Forming deep friendships has been a growth area for our kids, nurtured by the other TCKs at youth group. They have benefited from the spiritual care (especially youth group and Bible study) provided.

It's so encouraging to see the impact that we are able to have. Your support and prayers make such a huge difference in the lives of so many kids! Thank you for standing with me and spurring me on in the calling that I have received. I'm so excited to go to the Solomon Islands soon with Diane and continue serving and sharing Gods love all over the world! 


For provision for the trips coming up this year and for great trips that bring glory to God! 

Solomon Islands in late January/early February

Jamaica in March

Thailand in July

For humility and wisdom as I seek to bring Gods vision for this group into reality! 


Nadia Walkenshaw is almost at 100 percent support and will be here serving full time very soon! 

Jeremy Humiston has joined the ministry team with the MKs. He will be very helpful with the Guys Bible Study! 

The MK College retreat went very well! 

I praise God for you! You are such an encouragement to me and bring me such joy! I love this job and I couldn't do this without you! 

Now for some fun freebies :).... Here is a link to a great slide show that recaps the MK year so far... created by our very talented Ben! 

Here is the reading of Holly and Ivy to my kids by my Dad! 

Seek God and may he become the great joy in your new year and always! 



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