Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer I love you so much

Weather in Texas usually is killer by this time but let me tell you that God has given us a wonderful string of wet and cool days! I have my windows open and my fan on and it's a nice 75 outside with the sun peeking through my tree outside. I have a feeling that today is going to be a good day. 

My back is doing much better and thanks to a long and fun day out in the sun at Burgers Lake yesterday it is also a little crispy. I'm enjoying a different sensation on my back :). The day out with the youth group yesterday was fantastic! 


The rain delayed the plans for the day which is the only downside of the cool wet weather. My little boys all react to the water differently. Creed is slowly becoming a strong swimmer but his eyes are bigger than his swimming stomach? Or something like that. Asher is extremely timid and only feels safe in the water when he feels in control, he has to be able to stand on his own and doesn't want to be touched. The fish is Liam, the problem is he can't swim. Liam has no fear what so ever and probably would have acquired gills by now if we hadn't pulled him out of the water so many times. He just walks in over his head or runs off into the water and no matter how many times he comes up sputtering he does it again. 

Here you can see the boys climbing the tree in the backyard and the neighbor boy is there with them. I love  seeing them outside playing instead of inside vegging. 

Mark, my brother in law who is staying with us, is going through drivers ed and is doing great driving around town. I was teaching him to parallel park and then he drove very nicely back from the park. Then yesterday, he drove all over Duncanville with Diane, from the mall to the Sonic, and this after only driving a couple of times before. He is a natural and a huge help around the house! 

Monday was a great day with the MK group, and Thursday was the outing to the lake and tonight is a game night at my house. I really enjoy getting to see the kids so often and getting to see them randomly at the center pool now that they are out of school (yeah I'm a poet). 

Jamaica is coming soon and I'm really looking forward to getting back and really looking forward to getting some extra time with the MKs that are going this year. I remember watching the NBA finals over there two years ago and taking great joy in watching the Mavericks beat the heat in the home of a Heat fan... Well this year the Heat beat another Texas team and although I'm sad about that outcome I'm really happy for Joel my Jamaican brother! 


Full back movement by the time Jamaica gets hear!  


I thank God for your partnership in my ministry! 
I thank God for the healing that he is doing in my body! 

As I look back on the time since I left my job in faith that God would use you to provide for me, I marvel at how encouraging the journey has been. Thanks for walking faithfully with me during these months and for spreading the word to others. I am overjoyed that I am able to live my dream and do what God has called me to do and none of it is possible without you (still a poet :)! 

Bless you all! 


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