Friday, May 27, 2016

May... where did you go?

This beautiful girl (after all her name is Bella) turned two this month! Wow! She is so much fun, full of life and a real joy to father! 

I had the joy of going on a field trip with Creed to the Dallas Heritage Museum. We stepped back in time and it was fun watching Creed learn what life 150 years ago was like. 

In MK news... 

We just completed the most successful Pool Opening we have ever had. We made almost twice as much money as we ever have before thanks to an incredibly generous donation. The MKs worked really hard and made it very smooth. I have such an amazing staff to work with and they worked tirelessly and made the whole event really fun!  

It was three years ago that I hurt my back terribly after this event and it has always been a cloud hanging over me, finally I feel like I can look forward to doing this event next year instead of dreading it! Our God is a faithful redeemer and I'm so grateful for this amazing group that was used to bring healing to me in this area of my heart! 

I've been so blessed and proud of our adult MKs! God has put it on my heart to be very active in serving those around me in the community. I can't do it alone and am so very grateful for those that come along side me. We just did a massive work day for a dear lady who works on the Dallas Center and it was incredible to see the love that poured out of the adult MK group for her. 

This month, we also celebrated our single Graduate... Thomas Larsen (on my left). We had a great meal with him and his friend Matt and a wonderful ceremony on Monday night. This is the first time we have only had one graduate in the Dallas MK group since I have been a part of it. 

Life goes on... it is busy, it is good, in the midst of it all it is good to remember Psalm 23. God is teaching me much about how he provides for all my needs and is showing me what my needs truly are... on an unrelated and yet very related note I started teaching my kids this Psalm.... then I was blown away at how God used this to teach me so much about His character. 

The Lord is my Shepherd I am never in need... 

I'm so very grateful for you and how you are a huge part of how God meets all my needs. Thanks for praying and supporting and loving me and my family as we chase this adventure that God is giving us to live. You are a great blessing! 

Now a heart warming story... 

I just recently finished teaching the MKs about unresolved grief. My last session ended with me sharing a story that got me pretty emotional (about my friend Andreas who took his own life). Afterwards we listened to a song and as I sat on the floor worshiping I felt arms around me. The precious MKs had noticed my tears and came to comfort me, they put their arms around me and sat on the floor with me during the song. It was such an amazing moment and one that I will never forget. I'm so grateful for this job, this ministry, and the joy of serving and loving such amazing kids!

Live this moment well and after awhile you will look back on a life full of well lived moments! 



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Diane is my beautiful wife and the mother of my precious children Creed 8, Asher 6, Liam 4, Echo already in heaven, Bella 2, and Serenity.