Monday, November 26, 2018

So.... Uh... November Happened :)

Soooo gratitude! I'm so grateful for what God is showing me about gratitude these years. What do you look at? What do you notice? There are things that overflow our lives with reasons for gratitude... God is helping me focus on those things so that I can live from gratitude instead of waiting for it to infrequently fall on me like I used to. And now a story to help show what I mean :)... I guess you could even call it a testimony :). 

I have an old car! The driver's window gave out on me and sunk, depressed, into the door and would not come back up. I grabbed it, trying to coax it back out, but it was too shy and shattered in my hands. That was frustrating for sure. The next day Eric came out to fix it for me and I got to pray for him and enjoy his company for a time. The day before God replaced my frustration with gratitude over an opportunity to meet and encourage someone new. The whole time I could have just been annoyed and complained about my window. Instead, I chose gratitude for an opportunity to engage someone who is eternal. That window had a clock from the moment it was forged. Eric will live forever! What we choose to see (based on who we know God is) makes such an impact on our gratitude! 

This has been my verse for the season of Thanksgiving... I want to live more from gratitude and I want to see all the amazing things that God is doing because He is so good! 

Image result for philippians 2 don't complain shine like stars

Now for the onslaught of pictures! 

Asher and his Science Fair project! Vinegar and Gummy Bears :)
We enjoyed a marvelous hike with all the great family in town! It was a way to celebrate Kelsey and her Birthday and work off some of that turkey! It was so amazing to me that Daisy completed the walk. An old dog and she did great. Bella stood by my side the whole time and it was so great having that father-daughter time :).  


Putting up the Christmas decorations!
Thanksgiving weekend with the Gebauers! It is so great to have them here! Also keeps my house much cleaner having everything over there with them! 


Food Coma

All the food prep before the big day. Diane made her famous sweet potatoes! 
 I had a birthday and this amazing shirt was one of my gifts! It was so great to have a house/driveway full of friends and family! We had the fire outside again and enjoyed some amazing food and pie and a time to worship our amazing God! It was so cool to see everyone! Then we went to see Creed II! Yeah it just so happened to come out on my birthday :). Being 36 has been great!

I got to preach at church and so I dressed up! Yeah it's rare so I get pictures when I do! 

Asher joined Creed in the Elementary National Honor Society! I'm a proud father!  
 MK has been so busy with scavenger hunts and Thanksgiving prayer nights! Here are some pictures of us all having fun! What a great ministry and what a great group of leaders I get to work beside!

The scavenger hunt was my way of helping MKs get to a few of the hot spots around Duncanville. When you come to a new place, it takes awhile to figure out where things are and how to engage. I thought a great way to help them transition was to create a scavenger hunt that will take them to the places they should know about and have them get the delicacies there. Here you see them at the library and community center. They needed to come back with information on how to get a library card and join the community center!

Prayer mountain fire pit! 
 I've had lots more time at home during the holidays! It's great being with my amazing family! I love being a dad and I'm so grateful for my amazing kids and beautiful wife!

God provides! He uses you to provide for so many of my needs and I'm truly grateful! Believe me when I say that I notice :). I can't do this work alone and I'm so thankful that God has raised you up as an army of support around me and my family for the furthering of his kingdom! These MKs are truly blessed to have you as a part of their lives as you pray for and support the ministry so faithfully! Thank you! God's kingdom is advancing! 

Here are some verses that have been encouraging to me lately! I hope they encourage you too! I love you! 

Image result for 1 john 2:5-6

Image result for 1 john 3:18

Please pray for me during this busy season to be able to continue to rest in God. And pray for my family as I travel to have the support they need!

Praise God with me for all the opportunities that he provides and how he is advancing his kingdom!

Here's my favorite Christmas Song!

What an amazing God who came as a baby!



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