Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February you are so long this year :)

Let's start this blog with a word from my man Ethan. He will share the impact that MK has had on him during this last furlough. 

Now for a myriad of photos taken from my 20/20 times with God. Feel free to read my journal if you can make it out :). I started a group on Facebook where the MKs can share what God is doing in their life through their 20/20 times, which is where the photos . I'm really excited for this Monday, it will mark the end of the 20 day challenge (the 2nd one) and will be a time of group sharing. I really love hearing how God is moving in the lives of these amazing kids.  

Some of these are just pictures of where I like to spend my time with God. The outdoor one followed by flames was a cool time where I just spent time looking at one of my plants. God talked to me about abiding in the vine! Before I knew it I was pruning the plants and burning the chaff... it was a great way for me to bring some of those scriptures more to life. Also, fire is cool and fun!

Recently I've been enjoying having lunches with different MKs throughout the week! I go to school on Monday and eat with a group there, Tuesdays are with Micah, and Wednesdays from time to time are with Samuel! I really enjoy this part of my ministry!

Here is a great video of the MKs embracing a minute to win it challenge on Monday night! Michal comes up with such great games to humiliate them... I mean challenge them and help them have fun! 

Planet Wisdom was so great this year. Thanks for your prayers. Everything went so smoothly! Diane and I got up there early and snagged some great seats. We had a great group of leaders and students and God really worked through the speakers and band. Here are some terrible pics of us during worship and lunch and just being goofy. Terrible in that they are out of focus and blurry... but the people in them make them amazing! 

This was the group Diane and I drove to and from the conference :)


So after Planet Wisdom I was tired... as you can imagine. Valentines Day was still amazing! I have an amazing wife and she got me some great presents... my favorite is an ax that splits wood effortlessly and makes me feel like Thor! I also gave her acts... of service... like making kids lunches and getting up with the kids in the morning so she could sleep in and massages for her achy feet and back. Yeah not quite as cool as her ax but still something :).  

Well the next weekend, with more energy, I took my boys (including Sergei, their cousin of sorts) to see Kung Fu Panda 3!!! It was really fun, they are such a riot! 

The next evening Diane and I got to go out on a date... a late Valentines Day date :). It was nice to get away and have some time just the two of us! 

God is so good and is really working! I will end this blog with a story that God told me in one of my 20/20's. 

I pictured a potted plant in the desert slowly drying up over time. I pictured the plant defiantly holding up an umbrella every time the Gardner came to water it. The water would splash off of the umbrella and fall uselessly to the ground outside of the pot. The plant didn't want the water that would give it life. After awhile the plant grew too weak to hold up the umbrella and reject the life giving water. In a state of brokenness the plant received the water and grew strong again. It then had the choice whether to pick up the umbrella and continue to reject the water or to submit to being watered.
There are many stories of what the various plants did. Some in their stubbornness propped up the umbrella so that it could prevent the water even after they were too weak to hold up the umbrella themselves. They died. Some accepted the water when they were too weak to hold the umbrella, but when their strength returned they always picked it back up, the cycle just repeated over and over. Others saw that the water came to give them life and they grew and became beautiful.
The End, 
I love you guys! Thanks for your support, thanks for your relationship, thanks for making it possible for me to do this ministry! I'm so grateful for you! May you find more and more every day that you are becoming like Christ, that His life is flowing in you and enriching you! 
Please continue to pray for Diane and her ribs and back... and for a great healthy baby that is born with as little pain as possible. 
Also keep praying for me as I plan for Malaysia this summer. 
Praise God for his goodness, he is always working and doing incredible things... One of the ways that I know that is because I have you all in my life! 
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Diane is my beautiful wife and the mother of my precious children Creed 8, Asher 6, Liam 4, Echo already in heaven, Bella 1, and Serenity... yeah we are having another girl :)