Friday, September 19, 2014

Another Weekend away and another wonderful MK

Last weekend Diane, Bella, Nadia and myself headed down to Austin to enjoy a weekend with the Sieks! It was a great time! I wanted Nadia to get to know them better and get a chance to visit the church that sends the group we partner with to do the conference in Thailand. Wow, that last sentence is a mouthful...

It was so relaxing, the weather made for more indoor activities, and we enjoyed going to the movies, visiting, eating delicious food, and watching great football :). At least I enjoyed watching great football :). It was also nice to connect with a college age MK who just started going to UT. I had gotten to know her on the Jamaica trip and it was fun to see her again. We got back late on Sunday evening, a big thanks to Mark and Joel for watching the house and the kids. 

(okay so I should have taken more pictures in Austin but at least I got some great pictures of Kathy and Nadia holding my precious Bella... those are worth posting even if they don't really show much of what we did last weekend :).

This week we kicked off the fall meetings for MK. It was really great getting to see the kids again. We did another MK specific lesson, the same one we did last year to kick off the season. Now I have lots of great art work in my office. They made posters talking about the places they had lived before arriving here in Dallas. This Saturday the MKs are going to be washing cars down at the Cowan Apartments. I love doing that service project! It is really fun washing cars and getting to know the community better.

The weather here has been rainy and getting colder but at a slow crawl. The forecast changes throughout the day, and so here is hoping that we don't get a storm Saturday morning.

Diane celebrated her birthday this week. It was really fun spending time with her yesterday, we went out to breakfast and then headed up to the chiropractor. We sound like old people, but we are young at heart, one of us slightly more than the other :). She is a beautiful year older and I'm so grateful for the years I've had with her. Diane you are a wonderful wife and mother and you are the best thing about our family! We would fall apart without you and we are so grateful for you! Even if we don't always show it. Glad you have such good friends in your life to help make your day special! Love you now and always!

I'm looking forward to the weather getting cooler, to my Indoor Soccer league starting up, to teaching through Mere Christianity, and so much more. I'm excited about what God is doing, and I'm very thankful for you and your role in what God is able to do in my life. You are a blessing and I'm so thankful every time I think of you! Thanks for being on my team!

God is good and we need him!


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