Thursday, October 8, 2015

October the month of Birthdays :)

Ha, so I really don't have all that much to say, but that won't stop me :)

A few pictures for you to enjoy below, yeah nothing as dramatic as an awesome video to recap an amazing trip, but some cute pics of the kids and friends being silly. 

This month is full of Birthdays, my sister, my Dad, that cute kid smiling below us here. 

I'm sure you have your host of October birthdays to deal with also. Don't know what this says about February but it says something :). 

This is the month of change and transition... not just for me... my parents are coming back on Friday... tomorrow!!! I'm so excited to see them again and I'm praying for safety as they travel. I understand that the safest place to be is where God wants you, just ask Jonah :), but it does seem that C.A.R. isn't quite as safe as Dallas. 

The following picture was brought to you by Diane and is of her fun and goofy sister and mother and the amazing Boutique ladies :) It's very nice to have her parents here and very unusual to have both sets home for the holidays. 

Diane loves a good concert, and the pictures below are of our time at the Josh Garrels concert. It is so nice to get away with her and do something fun. Diane has been really struggling with morning sickness (all day sickness) and so the glimpses I get of the 'well' Diane are sweet and wonderful!

I couldn't resist putting this picture in of my darling Bella. She steals my heart everyday :). I love having a daughter that is so full of life... most of the time ;)... she certainly is keeping us on our toes now that she can get out of her crib and open doors... thankfully she can't open the lid to the toilet... that would be awful! She looks like something from Dr. Seuss... hey costume ideas for the Fall Festival coming up... hmmmm.

I feel like this month isn't as busy as I was expecting it to be... but it's still early :). A lot has to get done before the month is up... thankfully we get to rest in the joy of belonging to a God that offers us peace beyond our understanding. 

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with the amazing MKs here in Dallas. I'm about to start eating lunches with them at school and I'm really looking forward to connecting that way. I am enjoying our small group that is studying 1 Corinthians and I really appreciate our Monday night adventures going through Mere Christianity and learning more about being MKs. I have such a great crew working with me and am so thankful for a church that stands behind me! 

I'm also so extremely thankful for you and your support as you stand with me both in prayer and financially. I appreciate your hard work in transitioning with me from W.A. to Holy Cross Lutheran Church. I have such peace knowing that God is providing and using you amazing people to do it. I pray for you often and thank God for you!

I tweaked my back the other day lifting weights... I'm so thankful that God has healed me to the point where I'm not completely unable to function, however, please pray for quick healing :). 

Please also ask the Lord to give us a healthy baby and for relief from such intense morning sickness for mom! 

God is so good and offers us so much! What a joy to live a life where we get to learn how to enjoy all the amazing gifts of our loving Father! Thanks for being among my greatest gifts! 



If you are having any trouble switching your support over please let me know. Here is what I've written so far about making the transiting (Transition and How to give) and I'm happy to provide any further information that I can to help make this a smooth transition for you. Thanks for sticking with me through this. 

If you want to support what I do a little or a lot, on a one time basis or a recurring basis, click on the tab "Supporting the Work" at the top of the page and sign up for Chase Quickpay. You can then send your donation to HCLC - Caleb Robbins Ministry using my e-mail address If you would like further instructions on setting that up please click on the link at the top right of the page called How to give. 

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The address is:

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Diane is my beautiful wife and the mother of my precious children Creed 8, Asher 6, Liam 3, Echo already in heaven, Bella 1, and one in the oven :)