Thursday, December 10, 2015

A post as full as our stomachs after Thanksgiving :)

Wow it's been a long time... a lot has happened I guess... like Thanksgiving and stuff and things and so on. Well we all know that all that means, is lots of pictures. But first up you can listen to this sermon if you like that I gave at the P.B.T. Chapel a couple weeks ago. 

Next up is a video I put together for our MK Thanksgiving week. I wanted to compile all the pictures of what we have been up to since camp and make it into this video. I hope that you enjoy it :). It was so amazing hearing what God is doing in the lives of these kids and it was great hearing how this group has touched and impacted them over the year so far. 

I guess I'm going out of order a bit here but the following pictures are from our latest MK event which is the Cowan Christmas. We make gifts and go to the Cowan Apartments which house the 'great cloud of witnesses' as I like to think of them, the amazing missionaries that have gone before us and we carol and visit and enjoy the goodies they make for us. We give them our prayer cards and they keep us firmly in their prayers throughout the year. I'm so grateful for a staff that is able to pull this evening off. The first picture is of the amazing Michal and Collin who provided the music for us! I'm so glad they are a part of the team! 

Then continuing on in the wrong direction :) we have some pictures from the Duncanville Christmas parade. The theme this year was Star Wars and it was so fun to be able to walk over and snuggle up and watch the parade. The evening was only chilly and not bitterly cold. It was a great time! 

Here are some pictures of the before and after from my no shave November. Completely unnecessary in this blog and probably shouldn't be here... but I just felt like including them. It's nice to have my normal face back again... not sure how many of you also partake in this fun thing... but I for one really enjoy having a mustache that isn't constantly getting into all my food and such. Bleh! I'm still looking forward to getting my hair cut... but enough about all that...

Now for some pictures of my kids in the Christmas play for church. Here are the practice pics... fabulous! I actually got to be in the performance this year, which was fun for me, and the whole thing went off with out a hitch... or just enough hitches to make it cute :). Any way, both Creed and Asher had speaking roles and it was fun to see the burgeoning actors take the stage :).

I was very touched to have my daughter run up to me to sit in my lap during practice! Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving week. It was great to see David and other Gebauers and cousins and such. A rich family time this year, with plenty of food and great visiting. The only downside of the weekend was the poor Cowboys performance... but that was small in comparison with all the rest. On Friday I had the joy of seeing Creed or Rocky 7 if you prefer! Then on Saturday we got to visit with Diane's cousins and have another glorious feast over at the Gebauers house. 

And, continuing on in the worst possible order if you are thinking chronologically, here is a picture of our amazing MKs at Sonic. One of my favorite events is the Sonic/Armstrong hang out time with them. We go to Sonic for happy hour and then make our way next door to the park to work off the calories... or just run around and have fun! It was also my Birthday and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it then with the kids I love to be with so much!

That evening Diane threw me a glorious Birthday party and it was great to be with friends. I think at one point we stuffed 18 kids and 14 adults into our house... and this on a weekend when many of my friends were out of town. I feel blessed and am noticing that I'm in a time of life where kids are a big part of everything I do. I never thought of myself as being someone who would enjoy the presence of little kids much, well I was wrong... I love being with my amazing munchkins!

Here are some pictures of Liam's Thanksgiving feast at his school :).

To end the foray into picture and video glory is this nice piece, also from Monday night. We did a white elephant gift exchange and here is a video showing what everyone got. It was a great evening with the MKs and now there is only one more meeting left in the year with them before we kiss 2015 good bye and look forward to all that God will do in the next year. 

God is so faithful and gives us so many reasons to rejoice. I rejoice so often because of you and your relationship with me and this ministry that God has called us to! Thank you for making it possible for me to live out this calling! I couldn't do this with out you! 

Before I sign off completely I want to let you know to be praying for Bella... she is sick today and currently sleeping while I finish this post off. Also be praising the Lord with Diane and for the baby girl that we are expecting in April! I'm so pumped to be having another wonderful daughter. 

You are a blessing and a joy in my life! 


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