Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Oh it's Spring Baby!

So many cool things have happened! I had the joy of officiating another wedding! It was a cold day in February, but it was sunny and the wedding was beautiful!

So proud of these amazing people and so honored to officiate their wedding. Jenny grew up in Africa and Luc in the Philippines. They met in Dallas and the rest will be their beautiful love story! One highlight was watching Jenny's father (who has brain cancer) walk her down the aisle. It was a very touching moment! 

God has been leading me to help more around my house in the cooking department. I have a good friend helping me learn how to cook meals for my family and my best friend helped me cook her specialty, apple pie! It's been a great adventure! 

School lunches are becoming one of my favorite times of the week! Look at those smiles! 
 I've added more school lunches to my docket. My ministry is with and for people and it's great getting out of the office! I'm now eating with the home school crowd at the I.L.C. dinning hall. It has been fascinating hearing about peoples schedules and just getting to know them better in general.

I got a wonderful visit from these amazing supporters! So good to see the Porters! 

We got an Oscar cat from my cousin after they left for Indonesia! It's been fun having a cat again! 

This is a picture from one of my favorite MK events "Odds and Ends". I have too many things I want to share with my youth group, so about once a semester I host an afternoon of odds and ends where I share a bunch of random tid bits with them. Here we have a guest speaker talking about reaching out to Muslims. Afterwards we watch Ragamuffin. It was a great time!

Below are some pictures from Spring Break. I took the week off and enjoyed some extra time with my extra special family! Since I'm traveling so much in the coming months I figured I could take some extra time to be with them! During our morning devotions I noticed that my kids are getting better and better at hearing God speak to them. We played and laughed and snuggled and really enjoyed being together!

God provided through some generous supporters and lots of saving and through the selling of our van the opportunity to get this amazing new vehicle. Today we have had it for a week and one day! We are road trip ready now! 

I took the kids to Diane's office for Pi Day 3/14... get it :)? Any way... we enjoyed this amazing and humongous pizza and lots of pie and it was nice to get out of the house. 

The MK's went camping! It was an incredible experience, thanks to the amazing leaders and youth. Nadia did an incredible job pulling it all together! We only spent one night, but it was a meaningful time and God really did some cool things! A couple highlights were the visiting of some other campers. Two gentlemen were led to be a part of our worship time Saturday night and expressed such joy and amazement at the loving and welcoming nature of our group. It was cool to see God working through us all to share his love with his children from another flock. I was really blessed by the worship time. We spent ten minutes of silence listening to the Lord and then 50 minutes sharing what he spoke to us! We prayed for freedom, we shared and marveled and praised and we all did it together as a body! From the conversations that night a guys group formed that is already bearing good fruit! God works in overflow and I love getting splashed :).

I woke up Sunday morning at 5 am half frozen and went to pee and then get the fire going... as soon as it was a cheerful conflagration of many cold girls emerged from a nearby tent as they were drawn to its warmth. I really enjoyed our time around the fire sharing stories and marveling at the beauty of the stars. Those are the bonding moments you get when you go camping... the fellowship of suffering and the joy that comes in the fire... I mean morning!

As soon as we got back from camping, we got to go to a Gothic Skating party for one of my friends. My wife looks very nice in Gothic attire... I enjoyed smudging that dark red lipstick :). She skates and I do what I'm good at... talking with friends!

Now I've caught you up! God is good and I'm grateful! I've been meditating on this verse and learning how to live it out! 

Image result for jude 21

I want to keep myself in His love... and I'm convinced that the only way that I can love him and others is by doing so! When it matters to me that God loves me, it helps me to love the people around me with the same love that He gives... which is the only kind of love that there is and that they need. I love you all so much! Thanks for supporting and praying for me! Thanks for being a part of the ministry that is setting people free and expanding God's Kingdom! I'm overwhelmed by your friendship and kindness, you truly do show me the love of God. I was marveling today at the thought that God wants to be my friend. Wow! 

Image result for i no longer call you servants but friends

Please Pray! 

I am very busy the next few months... 

Pray for my trip to Philly (Trauma Healing Teen Program Training)
to Thailand (serving missionaries who have gone through great difficulty) 
to Orlando (serving missionaries who have gone through great difficulty) 

For my family while I'm gone! Especially Diane who is conquering these panic attacks and dealing with a very busy time at work! 

We have to cut down some trees at my house. One in particular was planted to honor the death of my cousin. It is very sad to see it go! 


Diane is cured from her parasite! Her health is improving! 
The ministry is thriving! 
We have a new vehicle and cat! 



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