Friday, October 11, 2013

Another week in paradise!

I guess that really just means that I love what I do and I’m so thankful to God for his great mercy and kindness towards me that he lets me do what I love!

What a great week! I had a great time with the MK’s on Monday studying culture. I realized that I have some really funny stories pertaining to cultural balance, but I also have some really painful ones. It’s hard making transitions to different places and always feeling like you just don’t quite fit in and don’t quite know what you should do. Thankfully I had a great older sister to help me figure out some things along the way. I realized that so much of our ability to understand culture springs from a humble spirit that desires to ‘be all things to all men’. We should be in the business of showing people Christ, they can’t see him if our poor balancing act is stealing the show!
Anyway, 'MK issues I’m passionate about' maybe a good title for another blog but I won’t ramble on too much about them here. Great week! we played a game where the kids had to put Vaseline on their faces and try and stick cotton balls to them and then shake them off in a bowl. It was hilarious!

Tuesday was a very special treat, Diane and I got to go with Marks Choir to see Lion King the musical. It was amazing… the giraffes… oh the amazing giraffes. There was an annoying cell phone blaring in my face for a few moments during the opening, but I had no problem taking care of the situation.
Wednesday I got my good old boss back from Jamaica and I really enjoyed visiting with him. I love you Bob! We are going to Ellen’s Amusement (mini golf, go-karts) tonight with the youth and so I was putting rides and such together all week. This coming Monday we are taking off because of ‘fair day’ and I think our family might actually go to the fair. I’m looking forward to braving the train with the boys… the train here goes right to the front door of the fair.
Sunday I have the great joy of going to the football game between the Cowboys and Redskins. I’m really excited for the chance to take some good friends to the stadium for the first time. Standing room only but the tickets were free. God is so good! I know it’s football… groan if you mustJ.

Please Pray
For Diane this weekend she is going on a women’s retreat with our Church

For Mark and his mountains of school!
For my preparations to go to Thailand

For all the support to come in for my trip to Thailand ($2500)
Praise God For

My Liam will be 2 next week!
The amazing weather we are enjoying (yes it’s Texas and any break from the heat is worth rejoicing aboutJ)

I’m really grateful for you and your participation in what God is doing in my life! I couldn’t make it without you!

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