Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gods got this! Gods got you!

What a great month so far! I have had some crazy and wonderful experiences but the greatest experiences are the ones that bring God and I closer together... the joy of life, the pursuit of God, the one who relentlessly pursues me... this is love not that we loved God but that He loves us!

I had the great privilege of going to the Dallas World Aquarium with my son Asher on a field trip. It was so fun to just be with him, we were in a perfect group of two! Before the field trip I was killing time and wanted to grab a snack, I wandered over to a 7 Eleven to get a snack and had been praying that the Lord would provide for Diane to go to Thailand on the way over. When I stepped through the door a man walked up to me and offered to buy me whatever I wanted to eat and drink and after he noticed the sticker on my shirt saying that I was on a field trip he offered to buy something for my son as well. They were doing a documentary on people eating at 7 Eleven, all I had to do was let him get a picture of me eating what I got. Well that was a no brainer :). I left with the goods in stow and the incredible truth ringing in my spirit that God provides... Jehovah-Jireh :). Well then it hit me that phrasing it that way is a little foreign to me... so I asked God to speak it to me in my heart language (I must be the son of a linguist :)... God simply said "I got this and I got you". My heart was filled with peace and joy and the worry about Diane getting the funds to go to Thailand changed into excitement to see how God will provide... or has got me :). God is so good and it's this amazing kindness that draws me more and more into the loving arms of my best friend!

I am over joyed as I think about how you have partnered with me in this adventure and how God uses you to say over and over again to me that He's got me! Thank you for being so incredibly encouraging and faithful and an awesome part of what God is doing in my life and around the world! I'm blessed to have you in my life!

I love spring so much because it means that one of my favorite hobbies gets to come back in full swing. We did a bunch of yard work for the community with the MKs and it was a guilty pleasure for me because I love doing yard work! I know I'm a little strange to some of you :)... maybe a lot strange :).

It was so much fun getting out there with the kids and it was so cool how many kids came out to serve. After we were finished we had a pizza party and it was great having that time with the youth after wards. Its amazing what a little pizza will do :)... Diane brought the pizza and the kids and it was fun hanging out with my family and my larger MK family. I really enjoy seeing how they interact with my kids, it means so much to me!

I love this picture! One of the MKs putting flowers in the hair of another one. This ministry is so satisfying and is growing and it's so exciting to be a part of it. The kids decided on their own to start a worship band! It's so cool to see how God works in their lives! 

Mark is away in New York this week on a choir trip! We are so proud of him. He is almost back in the care of his own parents who are coming back a week from this Sunday. It is exciting to be so close to their return and the end of the boarding era of our lives. Mark is the last one in the foreseeable future for us. God has taught us so much through this and I'm so thankful to be ending this whole experience on such a high note! 

God has got this! 

Please keep Bella in your prayers, she has been sick recently and keep her tired mother in your prayers too :)

Pray for the Thailand trip coming up soon! We have tickets! Pray for the conference and the hearts that God wants to touch and for our hearts as we prepare what He has given us! 

Thank you Lord for being so faithful and awesome and friendly :) Thank you for such amazing partners! I love you guys and pray for you often! 



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