Friday, October 25, 2013

Abundant Life

John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy, I have come that they may have life and have it to the full!
In my preparation to teach on "Surrendering Sin" I had a total revelation on how God looks at sin. I have often felt like God is very angry with me and that my sin can somehow manipulate him... I know it sounds crazy! But, recently I feel much more like God loves me deeply and sees my sin as something that keeps me from being free and on that basis hates it when I sin and hates what my sin does to me, but loves me and really wants my freedom and abundant life. Seeing God this way and letting it overcome more of my perspective has really brought an abundance of freedom and joy to my life. I view my sin not as something that will make God angry and want to punish me but as something that is keeping me from the true freedom and joy that God desires for me and really for us all to have. So take that sin! God is in the business of restoring and rebuilding; redemption, not destruction. Sure he disciplines those he loves, but in order to bring about holiness which is life! The more time I spend thinking about God and reading his amazing word the deeper I fall in love with him and the more I see how incredible his love is for us! What a joy it is to be a follower of Christ!
Okay, well that was what was on my heart and I just had to blog it out :).
MK has been amazing! Last week was a very busy week for me and thusly was a very awesome week! Anytime I get to spend hours with these great kids is a good time! I love my job... don't know if you could tell. Bellow are the pictures from the service project that we did this past weekend. In true MK fashion we have a kid holding a snake, a kid crawling under the deck and then kids posing epicly. It was great to bless the community and the to be blessed by the goodies (cookies, and such) that each place of work poured out on us.  

Here is a wonderful picture of my wife snuggled up on Sunday afternoon; while I watch football she watches her eyelids. I really like how our cat is the same color as the blanket and it is perfect that the pillow she has her head on is also black and white. Poor thing is freezing in this sub arctic 70 degree weather. Love you Diane and I think you are amazing and cute and I'm so thankful for you!
Please pray for her as she struggles through the sickness that being pregnant bestows on her. 
Here I am with my amazing new cousin's baby. So.... well.... not sure how we are related technically speaking, I'm just glad that she is cute and I got to see her on Monday. She was born Sunday to my cousin Sami and his wife, their first child. When we got to the hospital I ran into the room and stiff armed Diane out of the way and picked up this little bundle of cuteness and joy and after she had touched down in my arms long enough I handed her off to Diane. Okay, maybe there were too many football metaphors in that last sentence. 

Life is good and I praise God for it. This has been a really great week and I'm looking forward to fall festivals with my kids this weekend. Creed has one tonight at his school, and then tomorrow is the epic chili festival at our church, where to celebrate the amazing chili we dress up and also go around and gather candy. Not sure what that has to do with chili but we do it anyway.

It is nice to have Fall weather and good people to share it with!


Mark has a lot of school all the time, pray for him to not burn out and to find great joy and success in his work.

Joel is moving out, pray for his transitions as he continues to find his way in this amazing world!

For Diane as she grows a small urchin in her belly... urchin here means child so don't worry about her health or anything...

For me as I prepare for Thailand (that all $2500 will come in for the trip) and for next semester for MK.


God is so good! He has put you all in my life and you are a tremendous blessing, thanks for your love and kindness your prayers your support and your friendship!

To God be the glory great things he hath done!

Bless you all!


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